Heroine Make Smooth Liner N

3:42 pm

A friend gifted this to me after bringing it all the way back from her trip to Taiwan, and I was so excited to try it because you all know I LOVE ME my Japanese brush liners! This looks pretty identical to my HG Koji Dollywink Liquid Liner, so let us test it!

Brush & Design

In terms of the brush, and the design of the pen, this is totally identical to the Koji Dollywink. The brush feels the same on my hand/face as the Koji. Like IDENTICAL. The only way it could be any more identical is if the plum-red + goldfoil KissMe Packaging was changed to a black and pink theme instead...


This performed pretty identical to the Koji Dollywink as well. Long wearing, doesn't smudge, is waterproof. If I was to nitpick anything about the KissMe liner is that I felt it maybe wasn't as opaque as the Koji, and the brush tended to get clogged up/dries up more often if I am trying to draw liquid liner over my eyeshadow (in comparison to the Koji). Also it felt like the pen ran out slightly faster than the Koji Dollywink. I'm not sure whether this is true, or whether I'm biased. For all I know it could've been due to me getting a faulty pen, or just a simple case of me forgetting to shake the pen before use, but that was my experience with it. This is actually a good eyeliner pen by itself. It yields a fairly opaque black line, has a very easy to use brush that draws super thin points very well. The liner is waterproof and smudgeproof, and lasts all day. I think I might be a bit biased/ spoiled by my love of the Koji Dollywink liner. However if you're looking for a nice eyeliner in brush pen format, I'd still recommend this!

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