THREE Correcting Concealer in shade 01

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A rare unicorn appears: Swatches for the elusive THREE cosmetics Correcting Concealer in shade 01. At £41 this is definitely a luxury buy for makeup enthusiasts living outside Japan. That said, it does perform very well!


Grey, slightly rubberised plastic pan (think NARS), with a VERY generous full sized mirror. The locking mechanism is sturdy, and it feels like I can safely take this travelling with no worries of it accidentally flipping open and smearing the insides of my handbag. I quite like the minimalist aesthetic of THREE packaging. The product comes with two synthetic brushes (one seems more pointy than the other, for fine detail concealing maybe?), and a nice fluffy eyeshadow brush. All three are very short handled, but would do in a pinch.


Both creams (labelled 1 & 2) are quite firm and waxy, and I can mash my finger in to swipe quite hard without having to worry about accidentally mashing the product out of it's pan. Feels quite similar to the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage cream concealer. I have no difficulty picking this up with the provided brush, but I prefer to use my fingers for a more generous/ lazy application. Very easy to blend.

The setting powder (3) feels quite standard. Finely milled and buttery, not cakey, chalky, or crumbly. I APPROVE The highlight powder (4) is a bit more dense/ not as easily picked up compared to the setting powder, which is good because you don't really want shiny robot eyes. This didn't have any fallout, and it didn't crumble and make a mess in the palette.

 *note- two weeks into using this palette, and I have to say I am very impressed by how non-crumbly the powder products are. Usually even the best of eyeshadow/ powder foundation tends to leave crumbs of powder in the palette, but I haven't experience that with this!


  • Cream 1 (top left) - is lighter and more yellow toned compared to 2. I'd gage this to be more on the NC10-15ish range in terms of light/ dark. Works really well on my under eyes/ around my nose. The yellow undertones helps cancel out the red. (I'm inclined to believe this has a more corrector function) 
  • Cream 2 (top right) - is the "darker" shade, and has a more neutral-warm beige shade you expect from a concealer. It works very well on my NC15-20 skin, and has enough yellow undertone to blend into my skin just nice. 
  • Powder 3 (bottom left) - pale yellowish powder, but is translucent once applied. 
  • Powder 4 (bottom right) - peachy-beige powder with a very subtle sheen. Doesn't leave much in terms of colour/ shine, but it does give you a very low key glow.


Excellent high coverage from both creams, as what I would expect from a solid cream concealer. On par with what my MUFE Full Cover concealer offered, and easier to blend because it wasn't as liquidy. No creasing/ caking/ pooling in pores. These worked well on old acne scars, redness around the nose, and under the eyes without looking dry.

 The setting powder (3) worked fine, it didn't make my undereye look dry/ cakey, and was easy to pick up with the little fluffy brush provided. The highlight powder (4) is really nice and subtle, highly recommended if you find using a shimmery eyeshadow to highlight your brow bone/ aegyo-sal (under eye bag) too in your face.
 ** Note: I'm speculating on the functions of the 4 pans based on my own swatch and usage, as I can't read japanese. 

 All photos are taken in daylight, by a large window. The skin on my wrists matches MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15 really well. I think 01 would work for you ladies in the NC15-20 range, maybe even NC10. A multi purpose, great coverage cream concealer that delivers consistently for face and under eyes. The additional powders are icing on the cake.


 Highly recommended especially if you are of East Asian descent and you have problems with Western concealers being too beige/pink/ ashy. This is definitely a luxury buy, and is more suited for those who have cash to splash, or those of you who enjoy acquiring elusive Asian cosmetics.

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