Addiction Eyeshadow - Earth Wind & Buffalo Soldier

7:23 pm

Tis surprisingly hard to come by good swatches of Japanese cosmetics, so here I am with two very Office-Lady-safe matte neutral browns: Earth Wind & Buffalo Soldier, from Addiction.


Both came in nondescript clear, acrylic flip-top pans, nothing to write home about. However I'm not bugged by this as I have the impression that these are meant to be depotted and placed in your professional makeup palette. Both eyeshadows have a little hole in the back of the packaging where you can stick a small sharp object (like a paperclip) and just pop out the metal pan with no muss no fuss (unlike MAC eyeshadows that need heating and careful prying). For reference I believe the eyeshadow pans themselves are the same / very similar size to the Bobbi Brown square single shadows.


Pigmented, buttery, finely milled. No chalky shadows here, no sirree. Easy to blend, easy to pick up with the brush.


I'm always on the hunt for nice warm neutrals, as I find cool/ taupy browns make me look a bit dead.

Earth Wind - medium warm brown. In terms of light/ darkness it's somewhere in between NAKED and BUCK from the Urban Decay Naked palette. Compared to BUCK (neutral chocolate brown), it's definitely got a bit more orange tones in it (orangey/ caramel? brown). In comparison to NAKED I find it's more orange/ yellow undertoned (NAKED pulls a bit dusky pink on my olive-yellow skin). Great as a general wash/ contouring on the eye socket.

Buffalo Soldier - warm olive brown. It's definitely darker than BUCK and EARTH WIND, with a stronger olive/ yellow undertone compared to the orange tone from EARTH WIND. I've included the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder and Satin Taupe for comparison (I hope my camera picks up the difference). All images were taken next to a large window, with natural daylight. As you can see, Satin Taupe pulls very cool, almost mauve in comparison to BUCK, EARTHWIND and BUFFALO. It's less apparent in the photo, but Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder has marginally more red-grey undertones in comparison to EW &


 Excellent pigmented and buttery matte shadows (no mean feat), slightly high but still reasonable price tag even including the foreign shipping markup. Highly recommended for those who like matte neutrals and enjoy the more elusive Japanese Import flavour.

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