Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint SPF15

4:08 pm

I remember the beauty blogosphere losing it's mind over this when Liz Earle finally released it's first colour makeup product, the Sheer Skin Tint. I got a few sample sachets of the different shades after one of my Liz Earle facials awhile back, so here goes!


Fresh out of the sachet, this has a thick gooey creamy texture. Application on the skin takes a bit of rubbing as the cream feels a bit oily. I believe this is one of those "parfum free" products, but I find the smell of this to be very unpleasant. I would rather a nice smelling product (that may have a small chance of irritating the skin) than the plasticky "no perfume" smell of this, and unfortunately the no-smell smell lasted all through the day.


Coverage is super super super light. This is a tinted moisturiser, full stop. It kind of evens out the skin, but does absolutely nothing for dark circles or acne scars. It applies with a dewy finish, but once it settles in my face felt a bit more matte to the touch.

On the upside, this did control oil pretty well. My face didn't really get shiny as it does with most other tinted moisturisers.

On the downside, this felt a bit drying on my normal-oily combination skin (around the cheeks and jawline). MAC NC15-20 would find a good match in shade 01 Bare (this was a match for me, but it was a tiny bit white/ ashy/ pink on my warm AZN skintone), and I'm estimating that NC20-25 would be a better match for 02 Beige.

I personally wouldn't repurchase this. I really don't like the smell, and I'm not a fan of how greasy/creamy it feels to apply, the low coverage doesn't float my boat and the £21 price tag feels a bit hefty for a tinted moisturiser. If you have pretty good skin and just want something to slap on to even things out a bit, you might find better use for this than I did.

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