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Addiction is a Japanese cosmetic brand by some famous makeup artist called Ayako, and I was first twigged onto this brand (as usual) by the lovely Kate from Drivel About Frivol. The Cheek Polishes are liquid blushes, in a slightly confusing nail polish bottle form. Check out Kate's review of the orange shade FRESH here.


Minimalist chic: Frosted rectangular glass bottles with a long slender brush handle, this resembles nail polish more than it does a cheek product. The handle is long enough to hold comfortably, the brush inside is pretty nice for dotting on the appropriate amount of product.


CHIC is a soft peachy orange, blends into a really lovely peaches & cream effect for when you fair skinned ladies want that ingenue, fawn fairy princess stumbling through spring look. For those of you thinking it, no this would NOT make a good contouring product. The colour is too cute and fresh. On my fair skin, I think this is as far as I would go in the "bronzer" direction.

 TADZIO is a muted neutral pink that pulls more of a cool-bluish pink on my yellow-olive undertone skin. This feels/ looks more pigmented than CHIC, and texturally doesn't apply as translucent as CHIC (or as Kate's swatch of FRESH does). I suspect there is some white pigment base in this that makes TADZIO more opaque. This shade is what you want if you're looking for that pink cheek babydoll look. I have also mixed both together when I wanted to warm up the cool-pink effect of Tadzio.

Personally I'm not that much a fan of Tadzio, as it pulls too cool on my yellow/olive skin, but that is my personal taste.


I've never really enjoyed liquid/ cream blushes as they are either too hard to blend without leaving patchy tide marks (cheek tints), or the cream versions just felt too emollient and greasy and blending it results in me rubbing off any concealer/ foundation on my cheeks. These Addiction Cheek Polishes have changed my mind!

 Both shades blend really well, and dry down to a satin skinlike finish (more similar to Benefit's Benetint). More importantly, I find these are really easy for application (bleary eyes in the morning) compared to your regular cheekstains. Maybe it's the silicone content, but they give you enough time to dab colour on to achieve a lovely gradient. On me they last all day, but then again I've never faced the issue of dissappearing makeup. The colours are soft and pretty and very flattering on the skin.


Really lovely products, flattering shades, super no-brainer easy to use for those of you looking to venture into liquid cheek products but find stuff like Benetint too hard to get blending right. The only cons is: More expensive outside of Japan, you can't really swatch in person unless you live there.

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