THREE Flawless Cream Foundation & Pristine Primer

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I'd been long lusting after items from this brand, but never could work up the wallet-courage to splurge. I really admire the brand concept, and also this was one of the few cream foundations I found that DIDN'T use mineral oil. So finally, I gritted my teeth and got me some! (ouch, my wallet!)


The THREE line has a very minimalist brand aesthetique, reflected in it's packaging. Frosted glass bottle / jar, with a matte medium-grey plastic cap. Very lovely on the eyes indeed.

 The PRISTINE PRIMER comes in a tall rectangular glass bottle that has a pump top. One pump is MORE than sufficient for the face. Hygiene points: +10

 The CREAM FOUNDATION unfortunately comes in a squat, square jar. Once you remove the cap, the jar containing the product itself has a short, flat box feel with a medium opening. Considering the price, I'm not particularly happy about the fact that the product is in unhygienic jar packaging, and getting to the bottom of the product is going to be a pain in the behind (imagine trying to scrape off foundation stuck to the inside upper half!). So far I have been religious about using (and cleaning) the little plastic spatula that comes with it. WHY do cosmetic houses assume cream foundation = Jar packaging? Most of the cream formulas I've experienced can work with squeezy tubes!


The PRISTINE PRIMER is surprisingly, really light weight. I usually dislike face primers as I find them to be greasy "velvety" silicone affairs that feels heavy on my face, doesn't really disguise any pores/ lines that I can see, and presents marginal results in the "prolonging wear" department. A quick google translate of the ingredient list on their site (see here) shows dimethicone and several other -cones quite high up the list, however to me this feels more like a modern day serum that has that watery feeling rather than the slippery velvety finish I normally associate with primers/ silicones. 

The CREAM FOUNDATION (see ingredient list here, google translate required) I kid you not, feels like NO cream foundation I've ever swatched. I'm used to cream foundations being well, very creamy, thick, heavier feeling than liquid, sometimes bordering on oily / waxy (where you have to blend and blend and blend). This felt more like a cross between a gel and a whipped mousse. I was concerned all the different oils in the INCI list was going to make this feel very emollient, but the texture on application is very light, watery, and blends very quickly. The closest contenders from memory is the Lunasol Water Cream foundation (has mineral oil, I've only swatched it), and the Clarins Extra Comfort Cream Foundation (has a more slippy emollient silicone feel, and a funky smell).


PRISTINE PRIMER in GLOW has a NC15-ish shade when pumped out, but sheers out when blended to a near invisible finish. I say near invisible (see last image) because there is a VERY VERY slight yellow/ ochre tint on the skin, but you'd literally have to be standing in bright natural daylight, and have an OCD designer scrutinise your face up close to maybe tell the difference. This shade will work for all folks, and if anything the very minute yellow tint might help balance out those experiencing dull skin or reddish issues (MAYBE).

  FLAWLESS CREAM FOUNDATION in #201 is a perfect match for those of you in the NC15-20 bracket (YSL Le Teint foundation in BD20, Shiseido O20, Japanese foundations in BE-B). It has a yellowish (but not too overwhelming) undertone that matches very well for my yellow + olive undertone skin.


PRISTINE PRIMER did extend the wear of my foundation (I tried with/ without on 2 days at the office, FOR SCIENCE!), was very nice to use, and didn't clog my pores. (Yes, I know there are some folks who say silicone=clogged pores is a beauty myth, but I swear everytime I try siliconey face primers, a week later I get a lot of extra bumps on my face and gunk in my pores.)

FLAWLESS CREAM FOUNDATION has kicked my beloved YSL Le Teint Eclat foundation off the hallowed Holy Grail pedestal and taken it's place as reigning champion. Higher coverage than a liquid foundation, good colour match, buildable without going all cakey, and equally watery and lightweight feeling as a light coverage liquid foundation? YES PLEASE. On my normal, slightly oily T-zone skin, this goes on and blends very quickly into a satin skinlike finish. I have worn it sheer for a "yeah I rolled out of bed with awesome skin, thanks" look, and layered on for fuller coverage without ever passing by Cake Town.


Very painful on the wallet, but if you can afford it, this is a lovely lovely purchase indeed. (The justification is: you only have one face, and if you wear foundation on a daily basis, this is money better spent than that £70 women spend on shoes they wear maybe once every few months to a party).

 Lovely texture, very nice formula, no mineral oil, great colour match for those of you with yellow undertones. (They have a pink shade range for the super pale and pink, 101 and 102). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Sadly if you're a woman/ man of very deep colour, I'm highly doubtful you're going to find something here for you. (it is a Japanese product made for the Japanese market...)

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