Liese Bubble Hair Colour - Platinum Beige

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I'd been seeing this Liese hairdye floating around the internet for awhile, and the idea of a fool-proof shampoo style hairdye is fascinating. I got the shade Platinum Beige, which I think is the lightest shade in the "ash brown" range, as my hair is virgin black, and needs a strong contrast colour.

For contextual purposes, I have black hair with a tint of dark brown naturally (still considered black though), undyed and unbleached. My hair strands are very coarse and stubborn, so it takes a lot of extreme bleaching to get any colour change. You know the instructions on the box to leave product in for 20-35 minutes? My hair is the 40 minutes type, that's how thick and stubborn it is. 


The box comes with a big bottle of developer, a small bottle with the colour, gloves, the foam-pump head, instructions and patch test. You're supposed to pour the dye into the big developer bottle, then tilt the bottle 180 degrees repeatedly to mix the product. DO NOT SHAKE! Once mixed, unscrew the cap and replace it with the foam-pump dispenser, then squeeze the bottle to dispense the foam.


The product comes out in the form of a very dense foam, similar to the Biore foaming face wash. It goes a bit flat after applying it to the hair, but if you massage the hair you can see the bubbles forming back up. As you build up the application in the hair, with repeated massaging, you really get that foamy shampoo effect!


Top row taken outdoors under natural (semi cloudy) light, bottom row taken indoors with flash. Second application was done about 8 weeks later once the roots got too fugly to ignore.

Application wise, this is very idiot proof. I find it's definitely easier to use than the traditional liquid hair dye. The ability to foam up the product and massage it into your hair makes it a breeze to ensure even coverage. It rinses out easily, unlike traditional hair dye where you're standing under the shower for ages waiting for the water to turn clear.

 This didn't stain my skin, my ears, my towel (when drying my hair), or my pillows. I confess I'm too lazy to vaseline my hairline... I've had experience with hair dye in the past where it used to rub off on my pillows, and I've ruined a few towels from drying my hair many days/washes after I first applied the dye. Not so with this.

 Colour wise, this does a decent job of lightening my hair. While I wouldn't say that it gave me exactly that ashy light brown shade advertised on the box (even after a second dye 7 weeks later), the colour I ended up with was a subtle caramel brown. Considering there is instructions in the box to NOT bleach your hair before hand, as it will "interfere with the effectiveness of the dye", I'm not sure how black-haired ladies are supposed to achieve the colour shown on the box? Or maybe it works better if you don't have coarse hair strands like me?

 Colouring my hair a second time with this (about 8 weeks later) dyed my roots well enough to blend with the rest of my hair, and didn't require me to fuss around with dyeing the roots first and hair length later. Did this damage my hair? Not that I can tell.

I was impressed by how normal and soft my hair felt after the wash. I've tried L'oreal, Schwarzkopf, Garnier and Clairol dyes in the past, they always left my hair feeling a bit dry and tangly (you can feel it as you're rinsing the product out of your hair). Not so with this! My hair still feels like how it was pre-dye, healthy and soft, even after dyeing it a second time. Colour me impressed! (pun totally intended!)


A fool proof, non-staining super user friendly hairdye that gives you pretty and natural results. Out of all the hairdye's I've tried, it's the least hair damaging and pillow/ towel ruining dye I've used. I see me coming back to this dye in the future, for sure!

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