Kanebo Coffret D'or Silky Fit UV Pact (Long Keep) BE-B

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I had the hankering to try a powder foundation based on the theory I could just brush it all on my face quickly with no faff about blending, buffing blahblahblah in the mornings. Fortunately for me, the lovely Joseibi was super helpful when I emailed her about shades/ foundation types to buy. (seriously, Korean and Japanese cosmetics often have really gibberish names) Check out Joseibi's review of the Coffret D'or foundation here!


Like many Japanese foundations, this comes as a separate compact case + powder pan refill. The packaging has that pretty, pearly look that is quite girly, and has a generous mirror inside. I confess there have been times when I've just brought this along to use as a portable mirror. You also get a standard square foundation sponge.


A perfect match for me, with enough yellow and ochre tones in it to fit my neutral-warm slightly olive fair skin. For you ladies out there in the NC15-NC20 spectrum with yellow and olive undertones, this is the shade for you!


Is medium to almost full, I'd say. I find (perhaps because I'm not used to powder foundation) that it is very easy to over do this foundation, as initially when you put on a light dusting of it, it might look like you've just put some translucent powder on. Then you go about adding more, BOOM 10 minutes later when the foundation settles in you realised you've passed natural coverage and parked right in CAKE TOWN. Word of the wise: put a bit on first and give it a few minutes, the foundation needs to settle in with your face oils IMO.


Initially it feels light, but towards the latter half of the day, a medium coverage finish feels heavy on my face, heavier than when I've got medium-coverage amounts of YSL Le Teint/ Shiseido Dual Balancing foundation on. DO NOT LIKE.


When applied with the sponge (even with a heavy hand), the first 0.5-1hr of this foundation looks amazing. You know how girls like to go on and on about "airbrush finish" and "no pores"? This blows all the other foundations I've tried out the water. BUT there is a catch: after that 1 hr mark on my face, (on me at least) the airbrushed perfection disappears. Much sads all round.

 Surprisingly, considering the powder nature, I thought this would be a good fit for my normal, slightly oily T-zone face. AU CONTRAIRE! Oil control on this is a total zero. Even on days when my face isn't that oily, by about 1pm my pores look like they have come out to play, and a bit of slightly cakey-crease action is going on around my nostrils and upper lip. (primer did not help). So if you have normal-oily or oily skin, or live in a humid sweaty country, approach this with caution. And blotting papers.

 Great colour match, so-so on performance and texture. Not likely to purchase again myself, would probably suit ladies with drier skin.

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