Heroine Make Mascara Remover

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For all you straight-lashed oily lidded ladies who love hardcore Japanese mascaras but hate having to wrestle with getting them off (I'm looking at you, Majolica Majorca mascaras), REJOICE! For this will make you rethink your love-hate relationship with stubborn mascaras.Most waterproof western mascaras melt at a swish of cleansing oils, but my beloved Majolica Majorcas take at least 2 if not 3 rounds of very determined massaging with cleansing oils to remove totally.


This comes in a tube that looks EXACTLY like mascara, that has a little grooved stick on the end (instead of the usual mascara wand) that magically holds just enough product in the grooves to coat your lashes. Hooray for liquid surface tension. While not the most hygienic, it does get the job of getting the product right where you need it, without having to faff with extra cotton buds and whatnot. Also I suspect the teeny size means you probably run out about the same time you need to replace your tube of mascara, so it doesn't leave you with TOO much time for bacteria to fester in there.

 True fact: your spouse may be confused as to WHY you're applying more makeup at night. Mr Husband exclaimed:" Why are you putting on more makeup now??!!! We're supposed to be going to bed!" upon seeing me pulling my mascara O-face putting this on after a late party. Another True fact: I am a sucker for the silly sparkly-eyed weepy manga heroines featured on the Heroine Make packaging. See also Bihada Ichizoku products.


Feels like a very light and slippy oil. No particular scent that I can tell.


This is best used by applying it on your lashes, go do all your other makeuppy-cleaning up things while it soaks into your mascara, then either wiggle a cotton pad/ toilet tissue against your lashes to get rid of most of the gunk then do your regular oil cleanse, or skip the cotton/tissue bit and just do your regular full face makeup cleanse. If you swab it on, then immediately try to wipe it off, you won't get any success whatsoever! However I find of all the things I've tried: Lancome Bifacil, Boots Soothing Eye Makeup Remover (dual phase), Shu Uemura face oils, Shiseido face oil... and I have to say out of that lot the Heroine Make Mascara Remover definitely makes it a lot easier to remove mascara without endless rubbing and tugging.

 In the comparison photos on the right (who else loves sciencey comparison pics?!), the Heroine Make remover and Emma Hardie was rubbed over the mascara very lightly the same number of times (so light that my skin wasn't tugging or moving), whereas the Cyber Colours cleansing water was scrubbed on with a cotton pad. You can see that the Heroine Make mascara remover does do a more efficient job of dissolving mascara.


This will not replace your regular makeup / eyemakeup remover, but will definitely make your life a lot easier when it comes to removing mascara, especially if you regularly use hardcore Japanese mascara. I recommend using this together with an oil-based makeup remover for a thorough cleanse!

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