Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm

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I'm probably the only beautyblogger left in the UK who hasn't tried/raved about Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing Balm, but after reading Caroline Hiron's raving about it, and how I should avoid putting nasty mineral oil on my face (which my Shiseido cleansing oil contains), I decided to try it! For those of you who are into that sort of thing, the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm is free of sulphates, parabens and mineral oil.


This comes in one of those double-layer, jar-within-a-jar plastic tub that I think is supposed to evoke CLASS AND LUXURY. I personally think the double-jar type packaging is a total waste of space and plastic, but hey, it looks nice on the bathroom counter right? I personally would've preferred this in a squeezy tube, rather than unhygienic jar packaging, but I have to concede that the balm nature might be a bit difficult to squeeze out, especially if you live in colder climates and your balm is a bit more solid. I initially started off scooping it out with a little plastic spatula, but as the weeks went by that spatula eventually disappeared and I went at it with my fingernail. So much for good intentions.


This is similar to other oil-as-balm products like Egyptian Magic and the Decleor balms, where at room temperature it's a solid waxy balm, but once you warm it up in your hands it melts into a lovely oil. Bewarned if you live/ travel in hot tropical countries like Malaysia, the product will end up being more like a melty toothpaste texture than a solid balm. When travelling in hot countries, ALWAYS store the jar the right way up, or you'll find (as I did) that the product has glopped and semi-solidified on the lid of the jar. The scent is that really lovely white-flowers smell (like something pretty blooming in the garden at dusk) that I really enjoyed, and made the makeup-removal-massage very pleasant indeed.


This does very well at dissolving most makeup. If you use hardcore Japanese mascaras (like the Majolica Majorca mascaras) or tubing mascaras like Estee Lauder Zero Smudge, you might have to go in with round 2 on the eyelashes, or use a separate oil-based eye makeup remover. As a cleansing massage balm on its own, it is very nice too. I especially enjoy doing a good face massage (see Ms Hiron's manual here) with this. It emulsifies in warm water and rinses away to leave skin feeling moist and soft with no oily residue. So far I've been using it for 3 months, and am now approaching the end of my tub. I think on average with daily use in the evenings, a tub would probably last me about 3-4 months.

 My only niggle is the price and the format. At £34 for 100ml, I do feel it's a rather eyewatering price for a consumable product that I use to clean my skin. I don't mind spending that much money on a serum or a good treatment, but this feels like such a waste being used to remove makeup, or even as a regular cleanser, as I feel I'm just rinsing all my money away down the drain. That, and the hard balm format makes me feel as though I need to use more product to get the same amount of melty-slip when removing makeup compared to a regular cleansing oil.

 A very lovely and luxurious cleansing balm that smells glorious, doesn't contain those chemical nasties that's getting people worked up, and removes makeup very well... for an equally LUXURIOUS price. Personally, unless you really have money to burn, I'd recommend using this as your morning or second cleanse, to maximise bang for buck as your "clean" skin is able to absorb any benefits of all the oils rather than being buffered by a layer of makeup. Personally, I would come back to this in the future if I want to treat myself, but in the meantime I'll be trying out other options that aren't so premium-priced to remove my makeup.

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