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For you readers who have been following this blog for awhile, you might remember me talking about Eyebags of Doom here. I have long since grown accustomed to taking all undereye concealing products with a big bowl of salt, and all that hoohah about peachy salmon correctors to CORRECT them naughty dark circles always felt like some beauty industry gimmick. "LOOK, yet another product you MUST buy to be beautiful."

 However, last year, I decided: I have pretty much tried everything short of plastic surgery, so maybe I shouldn't be too skeptical. After all, all my favourite beauty gurus have mentioned correctors again and again, and being an artist myself I am somewhat familiar with the whole idea of complementary colours... so hey why not eh? I picked me up the Bobbi Brown corrector in Peach Bisque, which the MA assured me is the perfect corrector for my skintone. MMhmmm I'll believe it when I see it ok?


Bog Standard single-eyeshadow type packaging, with a little mirror inside. The closing mechanism is quite sturdy, and the compact itself is quite lightweight. I did find the mirror a bit too small for anything useful though, as it doesn't really allow you to see the result of your product application in context to the whole face.


Solid waxy cream texture, sometimes requires a bit of warming up on the fingers to achieve emollient spreadability. I find this much more flattering / easier to apply with fingers patting product on rather than using a brush.


Peach Bisque... is quite literally like its name. A peachy colour that to me looks like it's smack dab between the red and orange spectrum of "skin" colours. On my yellow-olive skintone, this looks like a pinky orange colour that ends up looking a lot more cool and ashy than it does in the pan. I think to those of you in the NW category of cool to neutral undertone skin, this would look a lot warmer. 

Based on my own theory and observation, I think I would've been better off with a corrector that leans more towards the orange-yellow end of the spectrum rather than this peachy red-orange one. I think if you have warm skintones, and especially if you have olive and warm skintone, this peach bisque shade is just going to come out looking ashy and pink on you, like it did on me.


I would love to say this banished my eyebags forevermore, or made a drastic difference in how un-haggard I looked.... but I can't. I tried and tried to make it work, I tried just putting it on the eyebag area, or just on the "crease" of the eyebag, blended out over the general under eye area, applied under concealer, mixed in with concealer... it made no real difference. Sometimes there would be a very slight brightening effect on days when I didn't have enough sleep and had more red-purple discolouration in addition to the usual eyebag, but not enough to make it worth that extra time adding this to my routine, not to mention the price!

 What I DID notice though, is that it adds a lovely peachy tinge under my eyes that sort of blends into my blush, giving me the unintended side effect of looking a bit sick and feverish. This is especially obvious in daylight! When worn as an extra layer under concealer, my under eye area looks more product laden than usual, which has the unwanted effect of looking older.

So unfortunately for me, this particular shade and product... just gave me a new set of problems to replace my old ones. I've essentially just swapped bruise-coloured dark circles for less bruise-coloured dark circles with a sickly feverish peachy tinge. Nice.

 Wear wise, this DOES crease in a little fine lines, but most base products do anyway. The creasing is not that obvious and blends away with a quick pat, but do be aware you only need a little. Applying this product too generously, like all creamy products, will lead to a thick cakey appearance that emphasizes fine lines.

 Personally not my cup of tea, both as a product and a colour. I think if I were to explore more colour-corrector options for my undereye area in the future, I would more likely look for a less waxy-cream product and more for a liquidy thin product that will look less thick and cakey when layered with regular concealer.

 If you have actual physical puffy eyebags, this isn't likely to do much at all for you, but if your issues are more to do with actual discolouration, this Bobbi Brown corrector would work pretty well. You just have to use it with a light hand, and most importantly find that right shade of orangey peachy goodness for your skintone.

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