Swatcharama: Clarins Extra Comfort & Lunasol Water Cream Foundation

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My makeup base itch has reared its vain old head, and this time I'm contemplating dipping my toes in the gloopy waters of full coverage foundation rather than the light-medium ones I'd been chickening with. I managed to swatch the cult classic Lunasol foundation whilst I was in Malaysia.

 Apologies for the less than stellar qualities of these photos, as weather/location/timing couldn't permit a proper taking of 1248367 photos in multitudes of lightings attempting to catch some elusive British Winter Sun.

The Lunasol swatches were taken in a car in the afternoon (so I guess that makes it indirect natural light?), using a HTC One phone camera as we were on holiday.

The Clarins swatches were taken indoors in the evening using my normal camera (with flash), as it was after work and the sun had long set in grim old London. Still, I figured SOME comparison swatches are better than none at all, right?

For Reference: I'm about NC15-20, fair yellow + olive undertones, and my face is a bit darker/peachier than the rest of me. My current foundation matches are YSL Le Teint in BD20, Coffret D'or in BE-B, and Shiseido Dual Balancing in O20.

Lunasol Water Cream Foundation

I got matched using their high-tech face scanner, where they took samples from both cheeks and both sides of my jaw. (seeing your face fuzz in HD macro is pretty gross!) I was matched to both colours OC-02 and YO-02, and I could use either depending on how I want to skew my skintone. The texture upon swatching on my hand felt pretty unique for a cream foundation. It felt like a super light watery gel. Dried to a non-tacky, skinlike finish. I didn't have time to do a more in-depth all over face trial as I felt sorry for pitiful longsuffering Mr Husband standing there while I got my vanity jollies on.
  • OC-02 is a neutral light beige. On my yellow-olivey skin, it is only just slightly too peachy, but it can be argued I could use this to tone-down the natural sallow green-ness of my skin. Side by side, it is a SMIDGE lighter than YO-02. In terms of light/darkness, this suits me better. However I think if I were to apply full face, I might notice a slight chalky/ pinky face effect when viewed as a whole with my neck + chest.
  • YO-02 is a yellow ochre. On my ruddier face, it looks a tad too yellow, but when compared to my neck and chest, this would be a better colour match to even out the red/pink un-evenness in my face.
I think OC-02 would suit most fair East Asians (who tend to have more yellow undertones), and especially if you want to balance/tone down the yellow ness of your skin (or warm up more neutral cool skin) without it looking like a totally obvious mismatch. However I think if you have very yellow to olive undertones, YO-02 is a better choice to pull your face + neck tones together seamlessly*.

  *when matching foundations, I always consider both my face colour, as well as my neck/decolletage colour so that my foundation doesn't clash with the whole package. Bear this in mind, especially if you find your face is a bit lighter/darker/redder/yellower than your chest.

Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation

The overall colour range (at least the lighter half that I swatched) suffers from the Western complaint: they are all to peachy-salmon-pinky for my yellow-olive East Asian skin. Unless you're one of those fair-ish girls who have natural pink/cool or neutral peachy undertones, I suspect the range is going to be a bit too vaguely beige and not yellow enough.

Out of all the colours, the ones that were a close match (in terms of dark-light) for NC15-20 are #103, #107, #108 and #110. Which is quite odd, considering when you look at the arm swatch, there's a big difference between 103-107-108 and 110 (which looks scarily dark and orange). But somehow the stronger orange-yellow undertones helps the 110 to camouflage itself on my skin, making up for the fact that it is a tad too dark. That said after oxidisation + daylight examination happens, 107, 108, 110 are likely to be a tad too dark for NC15-20, and is probably more a match for NC20-25. **my description is obviously skewed. What is neutral-cool to me is obviously going to be neutral-warm on someone with pinktone skin.
  • 103 - pale neutral-cool beige
  • 105 - Salmon beige (cool pink undertones clearer in this)
  • 107 - neutral-cool beige (more cool pink tones evident compared to 108, also looks darker on my face even though it looks like twinsies with 108 on my arm ), more suited to NC20-25.
  • 108 - neutral-warm beige (least offensive/ best match on my yellow olive skintone)
  • 109 - Cool beige (darker older sister to 105 and 107 IMO)
  • 110 - warm beige (has most orange undertone than yellow)
The best match for me would probably be #108 Sand, and in a pinch maybe #110 Honey (though I suspect a full face of that will make me look more tanned than usual). It's not an ideal match (nit nit pick pick) as even the neutral-warm tones of 108 will probably look a tad peachy/ruddy in comparison to my neck+chest when worn full face.

 In short if you have warm (mildly yellow/ orange lean) undertones to neutral or cool, celebrate, as you can probably find a good match (at least in the first 6 shades). If you have a strong yellow to olive greeney undertone, be aware that even the "warmest" colours on in the foundation range is still going to pull slightly too peachy-orange on you. (or if you are looking for more peachy orange to balance the green/yellow in your skin, HUZZAH!) No real verdict since I haven't actually worn these to review, but I hope the comparison swatches prove useful for you in some small way! :)

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