Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation in 107 Beige

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This foundation was mentioned as getting rave reviews amongst the dry and dehydrated lot, and I was quite curious to try the approach of applying less of a full coverage product = better texture/ similar result as applying more of a light-medium coverage product. After extensive swatching of their lighter shades (see post here), I went home with a sample sachet of the only colour they had which was in #107 Beige. (well done Clarins for even providing samples!!)


I'm not going to go into a longwinded blah about OMYGOD-Unhygienic-Jars!, as for some reason ALL cream foundations seem to come in pans or jars anyway. If I did buy a full tub of this, I would probably decant a small portion into a small eyecream pot at a time to prevent too much contamination / premature oxidisation / travel.


An emollient, unguent-y cream foundation that spreads and blends effortlessly (see the demo of the freshfaced model applying a hilariously unrealistic amount on her face here) . Oddly enough, I find this blends a lot faster than more runny foundations like my trusty YSL Le Teint. Perhaps because it's more firm/ creamy, you don't spend as much time chasing down the liquid that runs everywhere on your face. What bothers me though, is the SMELL!! I'm not averse to perfumes in products, as I enjoy a good pretty-smelling cream. This has a strong sweet chemical smell, that makes me think I'm painting my face with Dulux (or commercial wall paint)! The smell doesn't linger long after application, but still, something to be aware of.


107 Beige would suit someone more in the NC/NW 20-25 bracket rather than 15-20, especially if you plan to be quite heavy handed in application. Also, the colour is more suitable for those who have neutral to cool undertones, definitely not for those of you with yellow - olive undertones! As you can see in the photos, I can get away with 1 thin layer of the foundation (looking slightly pinker/ more flushed), but when I go back in with a second layer over problem areas, I end up looking distinctly tanned and more ruddy. Just before I took the photos, I noticed a yellow-green paler stripe between my eyebrows where I'd forgotten to apply foundation! A recent lunchtime swatch of 107 & 108 side by side shows 107 to be the peachy-pink sister whilst 108 is more "warm" orange ochre. (108 would be a more likely match for warmer skintones, but might still be slightly "orange-peachy" for those of you with truly yellow-olive undertones, especially if you're going to apply a lot of the foundation). ** That said, I'm pretty sure the average, non-beautybloggy person who isn't as crazy about foundation matches as I am would not notice little things like a slight colour mismatch!


This wore very well over the day in the office, did not melt or cake or migrate into pores and fine lines. It didn't feel tight or disappear into patchy oblivion either (though I'm pretty sure it's not just the foundation, as I'd recently incorporated some intense hydrating toners in my routine to combat dehydration).

At the end of the day with no blotting, it did get a bit enthusiastically dewy, but nothing a blot wouldn't cure. The texture on skin is very flattering in both outdoor and indoor lighting (it better well be, with at least 7 silicone/ silicone derivate ingredients in it!!), with a natural skin-like finish. Even with 2 coats, it doesn't look cakey or unnaturally "I HAZ FOUNDATION" obvious. Pores are glossed over thanks to the high silicone content, and I would say it does live up to the "extra comfort" moniker. With 1 coat, it doesn't feel heavy or like I have a cream foundation on my face, which was surprising!

Colour mismatch clearer with flash photography
 Beware though, it does have flashback under flash photography. The pink tone face vs yellow-olive tone neck is super obvious under flash, and my face which was darker in natural light thanks to the colour mismatch, looks deceptively lighter under the flashbulb! That said, white flashback aside, it does look beautifully diffused under flash. AH THE QUANDARY!!! ** In all the photos I am only wearing the foundation with some eyebrow pencil + mascara. No blush, no concealer. All coverage + texture you see is thanks to the foundation.

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