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Being part of the Sunscreen Brigade that worships at the altar of UV-Protection, I'm always on the lookout for cosmetically elegant sun protection products that aren't a faff to apply, don't dry me out/ grease me up, and works in synergy with cosmetics. This trio of mini-sized sunscreens from Anessa (Shiseido's Sunscreen focused sub-brand) marks my first foray into Japanese sunscreens. They are all similar to the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF50 (reviewed here) in that they are the milky-liquid type sunscreens. However after extensive trialling I find I much prefer the Anessa sunscreens as they feel more cosmetically elegant on my skin.


All three are milk-lotion type sunscreens that are all similarly unscented (except for that faint traditional sunscreen smell) and textured, except for slight differences in how runny/ thin they are. Perfect UV Sunscreen (gold) - thinnest, watery liquid that has the least oily/creamy/greasy feel. If comparing the 3 sunscreens, this would be like skimmed milk. Perfect Essense Sunscreen (white) - watery milk that has some slip and a very slight creamy feeling. If comparing the 3 sunscreens, this would be like semi-skimmed milk. Babycare Sunscreen (blue) - milky liquid that has the most slip, with a creamy feeling when applied. If comparing the 3 sunscreens, this would be like full-fat/ whole milk.


All three sunscreens performed very well on me, did not dry me out, and did not cause me to oil up excessively. If worn on their own, all three dry town to a semi-matte to slightly-dewy natural skin-like finish with no excessive shine. On days when I would be out and about, I tend to layer either the gold or white with the blue on top to have a layer of physical over chemical sunscreen (read about Kate's results with layering physical over chemical sunscreen here at Drivel About Frivol).

  Perfect UV Sunscreen (gold) was the most "mattifying", or should I say least dewy-ness enhancing when worn over layers of skincare. Out of the three, this dries the fastest, and I think the watery matte-ness is due to alcohol content, as I can definitely feel a slight cooling "alcohol tingle". This does start to pill up very slightly around the edges of my face when I blend it in a bit too vigorously, which probably indicates a higher silicone/ dimethicone content. Does not have white flashback under flash photography.

  Perfect Essence Sunscreen (white) feels like a serum upon application, and dries to a semi-dewy finish when layered over skincare. It leaves the skin feeling comfortable all day. Did not pill up, and does not have white flashback under flash photography.

  Babycare Sunscreen (blue) was the most creamy/ moist feeling of the 3 sunscreens, it almost feels like applying face oil. It has the strongest white cast out of the 3 (not very much) which dissipates after about 15 minutes. This dries down to a dewy finish when layered over skincare. From what I can gather online, this is the physical-sunscreen-only option in the Anessa lineup, whereas the other two are a mix of physical and chemical sunscreens. Has very mild white flashback under flash photography.


All in all, I find these to be very nice sunscreens to use. If you have oilier skin or prefer a matte finish, I recommend trying the Perfect UV Sunscreen (gold). Perfect Essence (white) or Babycare (blue) if you prefer more moisturising properties. For a full breakdown of ingredients, check out Ratzillacosme: Perfect UV Sunscreen Perfect Essence Sunscreen Can't wait to try out more Japanese sunscreens!

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