Isa Knox X2D2 CC Sunblock SPF30/ PA+++

6:17 pm


This comes in a press-down dispenser and palette type compact that seems to be quite popular in the Kbeauty circles, if youtube videos of Korean Beauty shows are anything to go by. The little latex puff sits on the palette surface like any other powder compact, and when you remove it, you press the button on the edge of the compact and a serving of product is globbed out from the little hole in the middle of the compact. I don't quite use this myself, but I imagine it could be a useful ready-made mixing palette if you wanted to add a liquid luminiser or colour adjusters into the CC cream before applying to the skin.

 The whole compact itself is very bulgy and clunky, I feel, especially after the all the sleek and minimal super compact packaging you get in most western cosmetics. It's a bit too bulky aesthetically for my taste, and the teeny tiny mirror inside isn't particularly useful.


Upon application, it feels like a slightly thick creamy foundation that is a tad greasy to apply on the face, similar to a thick sunblock cream, and takes a bit of blending to not leave sudden obvious edges. In the first half hour or so, it does have a slightly tacky/ heavy moisty feeling (similar to a really rich face cream) that dissipates as it sets. There is a perfume to it that is soft and pretty, not too cloying. Finish is definitely gleaming dewy, as is much beloved in Kbeauty circles.


The CC cream is initially an off white liquid with little pigment globules in it that burst and blend as you rub the product into your skin (similar to the L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB cream) which I THINK is supposed to magically "adjust" to match your skin tone (as long as you're in the NC10-25 range). I notice on my olive-neutral-yellow NC17.5 skin, the inital application matches. However once it dries down properly, it oxideses into what is probably more like a more salmon-toned NC20+ shade, which makes me look a bit ruddy. Not particularly noticeable to the average Joe, but it's definitely something that I dislike. If your face is more NC15, but you find your neck/ decolletage is more NC20-25, this might be a nice subtle option to make the face + neck shades matchy-matchy more.

 The dewy finish is a bit too gleaming for my taste personally (I generally prefer semi-matte/ satin finish skin as I have large pores), but the one thing that struck me about this CC cream is it's longevity/ budge-proofness. Most BB Creams and foundations I've used in the past tend to gradually dissolve as the day goes by, or sort of get a bit more liquidy on your face as your skin oils combine through the day. This, surprisingly (considering the dewy finish), dries down after 15 minutes to a velvety skin-like feeling that doesn't feel like you have base makeup on, when touched. It stays that same level of velvety "dry" and same level of dewiness even when examined in the mirror at 7.30pm at night after a long day's work. Pretty impressive, as my skin is normal + oily combination.

This is also moisturising enough to wear on it's own, sans moisturiser. Like most dewy finish products, I find this doesn't look as nice under flash photography, as dewy finishes tends to read as SHINY in flash photography. I did not notice any white flashback, but I do feel that this CC cream does sort of flatten out my face under flash photography. Once again, probably not noticeable to the average observer.

 In comparison with the slew of BB creams I've tried in the past, this is more on par with the thicker, heavier coverage BB creams I've used like the Liole Beyond/ Triple Solutions (the older version), Etude House Precious Mineral BB, and the Skin79 Orange Beblesh Balm.


Is this any more advanced/ different from BB Creams or foundation? Based on this experience, not particularly. Personally I would not repurchase it as the colour-mismatch is one of my biggest base-makeup bugbears, and I'm not a big fan of the texture during application. However, this is quite a nice all-in-one base if you are looking for a dewy finish, high SPF, light to medium coverage and long-lasting staying power without looking cakey. Based on my observation, it would match someone who is more NC20 onwards, and who isn't as olive+neutral yellow undertone as I am.

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