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6:08 pm

I'm quite girly when it comes to makeup, and I admit I love me a good bit of luxe packaging. Yet at the same time I do agree that marketing and packaging DOES pigeonhole girls and boys into silly little molds. Bearing in mind that not everyone wants to look and be like Katie Price/ Paris Hilton / Justin Bieber / the bevy of sexualised teenage Disney starlets, or more specifically not everyone wants their kids to be shovelled into restrictive gender roles from a young age, Sam Farmer does a pretty darn good job of providing a simple, nicely designed gender-neutral option.


A squeezy tube with a flip top cap, my favourite type of packaging. The design is very modern and minimal. I cannot emphasize again, from a philosophical standpoint, what a refreshing change to be using something that isn't covered in flowers + sparkles, or something that's black + grey and looks like a Transformer. My only niggle with the packaging is that the nozzle on the squeezy cap combined with the runny gel texture makes it far TOO easy for the face wash to dispense. So I often end up with too much or spilled product glooping around the cap. Perhaps a smaller hole would be more appropriate?


Runny, colourless clear gel, similar to dishwashing liquid. Smells of a citrusy-verbana mix that I can't quite put my finger on, but it's got a zingy twist that prevents it from smelling like toilet cleaner (which unfortunately most lemon/citrus things smell like to me) and is especially nice for a olfactory pick-me-up in the mornings and just as refreshing after a long day at work. The smell certainly has the thumbs up from Mr Husband, who commented on first use "this smells really nice!".


For all you foamy-bubble junkies who can't give up your SLS bubble-fix, fear not. This face wash does foam up well enough to scratch that itch, but not as much as a bog standard SLS face wash, obviously. It cleans my normal-slightly-oily-combination skin just fine, without leaving any residue or leaving my skin tight and dry. All in all a great face cleaner for mornings, and for my second cleanse in the evening (after removing makeup with an oil cleanser). I like it so much, I went back and bought another after Mr Husband and I finished the first tube. Now if only Sam Farmer would fix the issue of the nozzle issue to minimise wastage....

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