Kose Esprique Liquid Eyebrow GY002

6:03 pm

I have pretty full brows for an East Asian, but like any eyebrow, they do have some patchy areas where the hairs aren't as full (like the front bits) which need a bit of cosmetic help.


This comes in a pen form (duh), identical to brush-pen type liquid eyeliners that are so popular in Japan. I could hold this up to my favourite Dolly Wink eyeliner, and not tell the difference in the brush or barrel shape. The tip is capable of making fine tapered lines as well as bolder strokes.


Fear not, for those of you who had visions of me with comical HARD BLACK LINE eyebrows. This applies exactly like a brushpen type liquid eyeliner, but the ink comes out sheer and light. It dries quite quickly, but you still have time to smudge it out with a cotton bud if that's what you want.


One of my pet peeves is mismatching coloured brows, like if you have black hair but very browny eyebrows, or if you have yellow undertone brown/blonde hair but have red-brown brows vice versa. I got GY002, which is a slightly olive-brown tinged grey, which looks very very natural with my black hair/brows. Huzzah! In comparison, my other eyebrow favourite, the Shu Uemura Hard Formula pencil in Seal Brown, looks more like a plummy-brown grey.


The sheerness makes this pretty fool proof, and can be layered for stronger colour payoff. (in the swatch image: Middle= one layer, right= 2 layers) I find it especially useful in filling out the sparse area nearer the front of the eyebrows (the ends nearer the nose bridge), and it does a great job filling in the gaps in the middle as well. Lasts all day and removes easily with face wash. Easy to apply, difficult to get wrong, looks very natural. A lovely alternative to pencil/ powder brow products. Would buy again.

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