Estee Lauder Zero-Smudge Volume + Lift Mascara

6:04 pm

Every now and then I get fed up of my old faithful Majolica Majorca mascaras because they take so
much effort to remove, and dip an optimistic toe back into the waters of tubing mascara. That, and its nice to give the poor eyelashes a break from waterproof mascaras once in awhile.

From my first encounter with IMJU Fiberwig, to a hopeful Blinc Kiss Me, to the disappointing L'oreal Double Extension, to the kind-of-ok Clinique Lash Power, they all share this one thing: tubing mascaras drop the curl and straighten the lash. ALWAYS. Secondly they tend to yield very meh natural/ nonexistent results. My hope-springs-eternal quest led me to pick up the Volume and Lift version in the hopes that I will get fat-lash-drama and eyelashes that kinda point at the sky. LIFT being the keyword.


This came in a traditional spiral bristle brush, which is surprisingly small and sparse/delicate for a "Volume" brush. I find this quite easy to use since most XXXXL sized "volume" mascara brushes just get mascara all over my eyelids. The rest of the packaging is nothing to shout home about, a very no-nonsense slim navy blue tube with sprayed on gold accents.


This applied smoothly without much clumping. The formula is just about right, neither too wet nor dry. In terms of volume, it didn't really deliver. This gives you that your-lashes-but-better natural definition and a bit of extra oomph, but definitely not the thick drama you expect from a VOLUME moniker. Did it smudge? Not a single bit. Out of all the non-smudge tubing mascaras I've tried, this is really truly 100% smudgeproof, even with my fleshy hooded eyelids. It removes easily with warm water/ face oil too. Did it lift? Hardly. If I used a really light hand ( one barely wiggly coat), it kind of points slightly upwards, just a little bit better than pointing straight forward. But that means volume is nonexistent and my lashes look "natural", totally defeats the point of mascara. Using the method stated in the packaging (apply on the top and bottom of your lashes) results in the lashes pointing down, and my usual mascara results in pointing-straight-forward lashes 98% of the time.


 I wouldn't repurchase this, as to be honest I refuse to pay £20 for a mascara that makes my lashes look so-so. The lash straightening, curl dropping and mediocre volume/length far outweighs the benefit of non-smudgery. I could be facetious and say this would be your cup of tea if you have naturally thick and super curly lashes and all you want is easy, non smudge mascara.... but that's like saying "this dress would look fabulous on you if you're tall, thin and look like Cindy Crawford".

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