Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick

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I know most of the time the people I see browsing/buying from the Estee Lauder counter look like they are 40 and above. I have memories since I was a young girl, of my mother religiously slathering on Advanced Night Repair, and waiting patiently as she chatted with the Estee saleslady whilst stocking up on her frosted glass bottle of Estee foundation. Admittedly, I'm one of those people who think Estee Lauder is that traditional "aunty"/ rich housewife brands.

Crystal Baby

Is a moisturising, balmy, sheer to medium opacity lipstick in a gorgeous dusty peach-rose colour. On me, this is a really lovely, leaning slightly warm-neutral My Lips But Better shade. It's also the closest I have ever come to achieving that peachy-nude Taylor Swift lip (any nuder and I just look ill). The shade and semi-sheer finish makes it a doddle to apply (requiring not too much precision or hand-eye coordination), and 2 swipes leaves a really soft and beautiful lip that suites a whole lot of looks. Like most moisturising semi sheer lipsticks, this is not very long lasting and you will need to reapply after eating, but I prefer that than having dry lips from a longlasting formula. I love this so much I wore it for my wedding.

Crystal Pink

Same finish/texture/ application as Crystal Coral + Baby, but in a cooler pink-mauve colour. I would say this is the pinker/cooler version of the Crystal Baby, probably a MLBB shade for you ladies out there with cooler skintones. On me, it's like a discreet Barbie-ish pink nude that I like to pair with cooler-plum eye makeup.

Crystal Coral

Is exactly the same as Crystal Baby in terms of texture, application and performance, and colour family. It's in that similar slightly-warm, peachy-corally colour but brighter and more amped up, but still looking very soft and pretty. My favourite word to describe this lipstick is JUICY, as I feel my lips look pretty juicy when I have this on. If you want a warm coral lipstick that is moisturising and easy to apply, but don't want something that's too bright or opaque, this is for you.

Bitten Fig

Is a very wearable, raspberry red. The colour is a bit toned down (compared to the neon brightness of NYX Electra or Bourjois Rouge Buzz), so if you want to rock a red lip but don't like the extreme loud and bright reds out there, this is one to try. This is a more opaque/ full coverage, creamy lipstick compared to the sheerer balmlike texture of the Crystal BabyCoralPink shades above, and lasts longer as well. I wear this on its own without lipliner, and it doesn't really feather or move around. Any colour fading happens very evenly, and lips are left with a raspberry stain all over rather than the dreaded red ring of death. While it is quite long lasting, it does not dry out the lips and is very comfortable to wear.


I wouldn't say that Estee Lauder makeup is the first thing that springs to mind when people talk about edgy/ cool/ editorial/ fashionable makeup, but I have to say they consistently deliver on very wearable, pretty shades. If you like your lipsticks to be simple, pretty, comfortable to wear and flattering, these Pure Colour lipsticks are very very well worth a try!

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