Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer

5:50 pm

I got a sample sachet of this in one of my (not so) recent Korean beautybuys. I know. Bad blogger, bad bad procrastinating blogger. Initially I had NO idea what it was, and my first guess was some sort of pearly-watery type BB cream (the kinds with no coverage and lots of "sparkles"). Fortunately for us these days, we have the magical Google-fu, which told me it was in fact more of a radiant glow enhancer/ illuminator to achieve that dewy-glossy look so popular in the Korean-beauty/idol scene. Unfortunately I can't read Korean, but comparing what I had to what was online, I'm guessing the sachet I got was for shade #1: Honey


Is a thick, peachy orange gel with tinytinyTINY microshimmer. Spreading on my hand and rubbing between my fingers, it has a very thick and oily feeling. Imagine honey crossed with vaseline/ Vicks vaporub, that's kind of what it feels like. Also, it has a pretty strong fragrance, for those of you with sensitive noses.


I've trialled this at home, worn over the span of 4-6 hours. Patted on my face like a highlighter (very small amount), it leaves a very glossy finish on the skin. It doesn't really dry down, so even after 4 hours, my skin felt sticky and tacky to the touch. It also leaves my face feeling kind of heavy and moist, like how the skin would feel after you slathered on some really thick, hardcore moisturiser. Vaguely steamy and moist/heavy feeling. I have to say I felt like those bronzed models in summer fashion editorials who are always styled so they are gleaming, glossy and all oiled up... except not as cool.
Worn mixed with foundation + extra patted on top.

 Mixed with foundation, I find while it doesn't feel as sticky compared to applying it neat, it still does leave the face feeling slightly heavy and steamymoisty. It made my semi-matte Shiseido Balancing Foundation look even more glowy/shiny than my YSL Touche Eclat foundation though.

Unfortunately, whatever it was in the Nymph Aura cancels out the benefits of my Shiseido foundation, and after 2 hours I feel and look uncomfortably shiny. I have to say I didn't particularly enjoy this product, as it felt very heavy and uncomfortable on my skin. I also did not like the gleaming glossy look as on me, it looks just plain shiny/oily. I naturally have quite visible pores, and I feel that extremely glossy or dewy looks tends to really highlight all the pores, and this was no exception.

 This was not my cup of tea, personally, due to my skin type and personal taste. However, I do think it would suit someone who has smoother, less naturally pore-ful skin, and probably someone who has a dry skin type (as this is very very "moisturising" feeling) who is really looking to emulate that Kpop idol glowy face.

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