Shiseido The Makeup Dual Balancing Foundation

5:31 pm

I remember buying a bottle of this a few years ago, and totally falling in love with it. It was the first foundation I'd tried that didn't turn orange on me, didn't feel greasy or heavy on my makeup-virgin face, and looked lovely even at the end of the day.

 Prior to this, my experience with foundation had been limited to a certain popular brand starting with C, which made me a muddy orange mess by lunch, and despite being a "balancing" foundation for combination skin, made me look greasy by mid-morning and slip-slided around my face. Swatching various foundations from many other brands often revealed an alarming orange/peach streak, and that OBVIOUSLY WEARING FOUNDATION face that I hated. Resigned to never finding a nice foundation, I was pretty blown away by this when I bought it.


Unfortunately, this comes in that annoying old-fashion "pour out" bottle design, so minus points for that. I usually find pressing the bottle to my hand and tipping it upside down quickly to get a circle of foundation was enough for the whole face.


A bog standard liquid foundation texture, no particular fragrance that I could detect.


On my normal-oily combination skin, this worked really well. It blends very well, and I could either wear it really sheer for a light coverage, or layer it for more coverage without it looking cakey. Coverage is light to medium, and the finish is a semi-matt finish that is very nice and natural. In person, I find a dewy or semi-matte finish is more flattering and natural looking, as a 100% matte foundation can look very flat and fake.

 What I really liked about this is that it stayed looking nice throughout the day, and controlled oil very well. By the end of the day, any "oilies" that come through is diffused, so I look a bit dewy (in a nice, radiant way) rather than greasy. The colour did not oxidise, and most of the foundation is still there. Also it does not migrate into my pores: MAJOR PLUS. Despite it having SPF15, I don't notice any particular ghostly white flash when used with flash photography.

Sadly for me, I find that since the beginning of this year, my skin seems to be changing (GASP: AGEING!!!) and is less oily than it used to be. So instead of being oily-combination with a bit of normal, my skin is moving closer to normal with a hint of oily around the nose area. As a result, sometimes this foundation is a bit too much, accentuating some dry patches around the mouth/ cheeks in dry office air conditioning.

So it is unlikely that I will be repurchasing this in the future. Great light-to-medium coverage foundation for normal-oily combination skin. Does not feel heavy, doesn't look cakey or overly matte. Also, Shiseido has proven to have a very good colour match for my more yellow undertone AZN skin. If you find most western foundation brands being too peachy/ pinky for you, go check out the O shades from Shiseido!

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