Dermablend Starter Kit

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If you're a fan of amazingly talented makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, you would've seen her demonstrating a great way to apply foundation for acne riddled skin. In that video she used the Vichy Dermablend foundation. I figured that if this foundation is good for terrible acne/ tattoos, it should do a good job on my more regular cystic acne scars. I snagged a starter kit for this online so I could colour match and test to my hearts content. Bear in mind, this is for the stick foundation formula and I think also before the Vichy-Dermablend joining, so I can't guarantee the colours are the same in the new Vichy Dermablend version. However, a brief swatch of the VB liquid versions in a pharmacy shows the colours to be very similar (if not the same).


These are like any other cream/ stick foundations. These weren't difficult to blend, did not feel dry and draggy on skin, and I could apply them quite sheerly without any trouble at all. Consider me pleasantly surprised!


The shades go from lowest number = lightest, to highest number = darkest. To my eyes, it looks like:
  • 11, 13, 15 (Porcelain, Light, Sand) - have a cooler, more salmon/pink undertones more suited for Caucasian skin.
  • 12, 14, 16 (Opal, Nude, Bronze) - have a warmer, yellow/ ochre/ olive undertone more suited for Mediterranean and Asian skin.
For me, there wasn't an exact match, especially if I want to use these as a spot concealer. 12 Opal was a tad too light, and 14 Nude was a tad too dark. Story of my life. However worn all over / blended out foundation like, both colours matched well (I personally preferred 11 Opal). If you're about NC15-20, 12 Opal would be a pretty safe bet, and NC20-25 might match 14 Nude better. (based on my estimation)


Once applied (no powder, no primer), this did not dry down completely but neither did it retain that slightly wet/ tacky finish you can get with some dewy foundations. It stayed put all day, and did not grease up or oxidise any more than my Shiseido or YSL foundations. At the end of the day, I did look dewy, and I did require a bit of a blot midday. (most foundations do) I am pretty impressed by the coverage and how it feels .

The coverage is quite high, even when I wore it quite sheerly. I was expecting something that felt heavy (like the Estee Lauder Double Wear), but it felt like a light-medium coverage foundation. I wore this as a concealer under my eyes and it worked just as well as my Lancome Effacernes concealer. Did not crease noticeably or dry out my undereye. Photographed pretty well. Did not flash back pale, and any paleness you see in the photo is probably more due to the fact I'm wearing 11 Opal which is a BIT lighter than the rest of me.

Does what it says on the tin: Covers stuff up. Really well. Does not feel heavy at all. I personally wouldn't purchase a full size of the stick version because I'm trying to phase out liquid paraffin in my cosmetics where I can. If you're looking for some heavy duty concealer / foundation without the thick heavy feeling like Estee Lauder Double Wear, give this a try. Bear in mind that the ingredients and shades might be a bit different in the liquid version, and overall in the newer Vichy-Dermablend release.

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