Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On Mascara

5:11 pm

Decided to give this a go as it is a sister product of my HG mascara the MM Lash Expander Frame Plus.


The packaging is similar across the Majolica Majorca brand, a black and gold gothic lolita style. The plastic packaging is nice and weighty in your hand.


Much like the Lash Expander, this has a black plastic comb, one side having wider gap teeth to apply the formula, and the other side being a finer tooth comb to comb through your lashes. I find this is ok, but I prefer the curvature of the Lash Expander comb better as it lets me reach my inner corner lashes a lot easier when I'm applying mascara on my left eye (I'm right handed, so it is more awkward).


This does just as well as the Lash Expander in terms of black-ness, curl holding and non-budging: Very Well. To be frank I can't tell the difference in the formula! I suspect the only real difference is in the brush head. What I did not quite like is that I found if I used both sides to do the 2 step wide-then-fine-comb application, the formula tends to clump in between my lashes near the root. This has the unexpected side effect of looking like I tightlined, but it makes it even harder to remove the mascara and the excess mascara makes my lash feel very heavy.


Unlikely to repurchase, even though this is a very good mascara. I just much prefer it's sister product the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus which has a brush much more to my liking! If you are looking for some crazy non-budging mascara action that holds a curl and gives you more of a clumpy dolly look, this would probably be more your cup of tea!

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