Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon - Smoky Emerald

4:39 pm


Smoky Emerald is a dark olive/army green with very fine copper, gold and green microglitter. It's very hard for my eyes to tell the exact colour of the glitter, but suffice to say when it catches the light you see the multi-tonal glitter in all its glory. The glitter is very fine and is still subtle enough for conservative office wear, and I don't feel any gritty chunks from it either.The pencil itself applies with a smooth, almost metallic finish.

I tend to avoid greens and blues in eyemakeup as I feel they exaggerate my undereye circles, but I find this is very wearable green since it's so dark, and leans more towards the browny-neutral end of the spectrum rather than a crazy bright green. I find the colour is great as an intense all over lid colour (for a dramatic, smokey look), as an eyeliner, or dabbed on very sheerly which results in a subtle taupe/grey colour.


I often buy eye-pencil products with a hefty dose of cynicism, as in my experience no self-declared "water/budgeproof" formula has been able to withstand my oily lids + hooded eyelids. So count me pleasantly surprised when this did indeed stay on my lids. I've worn it both with and without primer, and the ease of application/ even pigmentation is same for both.

Without eye primer, this did stay in place through a long work day and boring commute, with only some creasing where some of the product has migrated into the eye socket line. However overall the eyeshadow looked even, just as pigmented and non-patchy. To be honest, the only way someone would notice the mild creasing is if you plan to walk around with your eyes closed all the time and demand everyone inspect your eyelids.

 With eye primer, this went nowhere. I've also worn this flicked out in a cat-eye style, and at the end of the day the flick was still even, and none of it had migrated/ worn off (my eyeliner tends to dissolve at the flick end first).

In a rub-test comparison with my trusty old MUFE Aqua Eyes eyeliner, the CT eyeshadow pencil proves to be the hardier of the two, with only very faint rub off (mostly the glitter) whereas the MUFE Aqua Eyes did smear a bit. Also, interestingly on my hand, the MUFE Aqua Eyes still feels creamy/ draggy when I rub my fingers over it (after 10 minutes of "drying" time), whereas the CT feels dry and silky like bare skin.

 As a word of advice, due to its quick drying + budgeproof nature, if you're planning on a smoky eye with this pencil, I recommend you applying one eye at the time and blending immediately, because once this eyeshadow sets, it ain't going nowhere. If you want to use it as an eyeliner, use an angled liner brush to help you achieve a pointy flick.

Suffice to say, I love this. Gorgeous, buttery, highly pigmented eye makeup that is very versatile. Impressive non-budge quality even against my oily hooded lids. Very wearable colour. Highly recommended if you want to splurge on a multi-purpose eyeshadow pencil that doesn't budge.

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