Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed

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The final item from my "bought in New York last year" haul, and now I'm getting round to reviewing it. These Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes have been getting a lot of hype in the beauty blogosphere, and when I went to NYC, I immediately made a beeline for the nearest Sephora!

I have a tendency to gravitate towards a particular shade of warm coral/peach (think Nars Orgasm) and if left unchecked, I end up subconsciously buying every product in that colour. So I was a little bit sheepish when I realised, in the pan, Tarte Exposed does look like a slightly lighter sister of my current MAC Blush in Pinch Me. On my monitor, photos from the Tarte website makes it look like a beige brown.

When swatched (and worn), Tarte Exposed does come up as a very flattering neutral, dusky pink shade that does not lean too warm or too cool. In comparison, MAC's Pinch Me does have a stronger warm red brick under tone. Is there a difference in real life? A slight one. The Tarte Exposed is neutral enough to be worn with cool or warm eye/lip looks without clashing, whereas a warmer shade like MAC's Pinch Me does clash a little when paired with cool-toned point makeup.


I find this to be a sheer-medium opacity blush (in comparison to the crazy pigmentation of MAC Pinch Me). Perhaps it's the brush I'm using, or perhaps it is just a sheer-medium blush. I actually quite like this, even though I have to dip the brush multiple times to get a stronger colour payoff, it also means I'm less likely to end up with clownface when blearily applying makeup in the mornings.

 This lasts all day on me, but then again I don't really notice my point makeup fading that much at the end of the day. The Tarte blush tends to harden quite quickly (in comparison to MAC), forming that weird bumpy surface where it becomes difficult to pick up the product. Not sure if it's due to the fact it's a "clay" blush and I don't powder my face after foundation, so more oils from my face gets transferred to the blush which hardens it. Nothing a quick wipe with a kitchen tissue doesn't solve.


Lovely neutral colour that makes it very versatile. If you already have a few different toned blushes, I don't advocate running out to buy this as it's not the most unique colour. However if you're looking for a very flattering versatile colour you can pair with cool or warm toned makeup (or skin), this is a good all rounder to have.

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