Amie Skin Shield Daily Moisturiser SPF15

4:32 pm

Picked this up at random for Mr Husband, since I wanted him to get some SPF protection but I knew he can't be bothered with a separate 2-step moisturiser AND sunblock regime. Recently I decided to give it a go...


This came out as quite a liquidy cream, a little goes a long way. Despite how liquidy it is, it did initially feel slightly "heavy" on the skin. Dries to a semi-creamy feel, dewy finish. This smells vaguely herbal, reminiscent of "natural" herbal products that are supposed to be good for you.


For awhile, I was quite baffled why Mr Husband had bits of white clumped in his manbrows, or on his stubble, or randomly on patches on his face. Then I realised *shockhorror*, that it's this face cream. Probably the Titanium Dioxide (for SPF) that's causing it.

I've used it myself as a trial, and I notice I have to be very vigilant in blending-blending-blending to make sure I don't end up with white patches on my face. The face cream doesn't sink in very quickly (thus the endless blending), and it leaves me with a white cast, dewy finish and wait for it.... GOLDEN SPARKLES. That's right, there's golden microglitter in this face cream. Totally fine if you're a lady and want that radiant dewy sparkly effect, not so fine if you're some regular dude who just wants a bit of moisture and SPF. The glitter is especially obvious on Mr Husband's super smooth, non-poreful skin.

 As a moisturiser, this is ok. I didn't feel dry or tight. However several hours later, I'm quiteshiny (from the dewy finish), and I still have a slightly ashy white cast to my face (extra obvious under flash photography).


Would not repurchase, as I didn't enjoy this at all, and neither did Mr Husband. The strong white cast, need for extreme blending and glitter really did not work for us. If you're a fan of the sparkly pale Edward Cullen look, this is probably just the thing you're looking for. Or perhaps if you have dry + dull skin, and you like that gleaming-fair Korean makeup look, this might be more up your alley.

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