NARS Stick Concealer in Custard

4:13 pm

Picked this up at the airport during my New York trip last year (after hearing Jen of Frmheadtotoe rave about it), and finally getting round to reviewing this. Something about airports and foreign currency makes buying expensive makeup less "real" somehow. It's like Monopoly money, heh!


This comes in a slim, metallic tube that has the same rubbery matte feeling as the other NARS eye/ cheek products. It's nice and understated, especially if you're a dude who wants some cosmetic help to look more presentable but don't want to whip something frou-frou/camp out of your manbag, NARS packaging is very bloke-friendly.


This concealer has a really nice yellow/ochre undertone, which is a very nice change from most of the other concealers I've used (which tends to have a generic cool beige or orange salmon undertone). The yellow undertone works well for my undereyes, and also blends well into my yellow-undertone skin to cover up acne scars.

 This provides really nice coverage, can be worn on its own sheered out on lazy no-makeup days, or it can be applied thicker as a spot concealer. It's emollient enough to not drag on the skin, but also not too greasy or creamy that it slides all over the face. It covers under eye circles pretty well, and I don't notice this creasing or migrating into my under-eye fine lines. Did not break me out.

Good concealer that works for both acne scars/ sun spots and under-eye darkness. Functional packaging. Reasonable price. Nice warm and cool colour options that possibly cater to yellow/olive AZN skintones. Would recommend this, especially shade Custard if you're around NC15-25 and have problems finding a non orange/pink concealer to match your skin tone.

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