Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn White Vitamin C mask

3:53 pm


This mask is similar to a host of other AZN masks, where it comes in a tissue-like sheet mask soaked in serum. The cut of the mask is pretty good, as it covers and hugs my facial contours quite well. The amount of serum is also generous. T The serum is a liquid-gel that has a very faint orange scent (for that Vitamin C feeling I suppose), and sinks in well without leaving any sticky or greasiness. I tended to pour the excess serum from the pouch into a little plastic pot to apply over the next few days.


Note: I did not magically become 4 shades lighter, the photos were taken at different times of the day facing the window. I have tried my best to normalise both images, but you can observe any effects by comparing the visibility of acne scars.

I can't say I noticed a drastic lightening in my skin, but I do notice that my complexion is a little bit brighter and well moisturised after this mask. It didn't really do much for my old acne scars (see area around my temple, and the dark spot under my eye) but it did help fresh acne scars (around the chin) to fade faster. However I have a friend (she recommended this mask) who swears that applying this for a month made the freckle on her hand disappear.

This is a pleasant mask, not expensive and nice to use. I personally didn't find it extremely effective at lightening any old scars/ marks, but it did boost my skin's brightness a little and is a nice pampering treat for some R&R time. If there isn't a whole host of masks out there waiting for me to try them, I might repurchase this as an excuse to lie back with a nice mask on.

If you're itching to try this, don't expect this to change you from an NC30 to an NC10 (you're crazy!) or that it will turn a pizza face into a blank slate, but do expect it to be a nice moisturising mask that boosts your skin radiance for a few days.

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