Bihada Ichizoku Brightening Sheet Mask (Rumiko)

3:48 pm

A friend went on a trip to Taiwan and surprised me with this mask. LOOK AT IT!!! Isn't the packaging design ridiculously over-the-top pretty? Apparently the other masks in this brand have a similar manga-shoujo aesthetic. Look. At. Them!!

Design & Texture

The mask comes in the form of a tissue/ fabric mask impregnated with the essence/ serum that is so popular amongst AZN skincare. In terms of softness and the cut of the mask, I find this to be the softest/plushest mask I've felt, and the cuts in it are very well done to provide maximum coverage and

clings closely to my face contours. Some similar masks I've tried before had really big eye holes, short/ long nose flap and you end up with 1/3 of your face ignored by poor mask design. The mask is also generously saturated with a silky serum, that has a unidentifiable "pleasant" scent.


After leaving it on for an hour (the mask was still super moist after 30 minutes!), my face looked really radiant, plump and for a lack of a better word: JUICY. While I didn't notice any of my past acne marks being faded (which is ridiculous to expect after one encounter with any skincare product), my complexion did look more even and less blotchy. Imagine if you'd taken the week off, got a facial, drank lots of water, got enough sleep and relaxation and have been slathering on some good moisturiser. That's what my skin looked like, which is really impressive.

This is a really good mask, and I can thoroughly recommend this especially if you want to give your skin a treat, or a bit of a pick-me-up before a night out. The only con (as with all AZN skincare) is that this isn't readily available in UK drugstores/ department stores, so some Google-fu is required in hunting it down.

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