Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation

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I was pretty excited to try the Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation after reading quite a lot of reviews of how it's the perfect foundation for normal-oily combination skin. In a post awhile back I went and got a whole bunch of Shiseido foundation samples (which you can view all the swatches here), and I'm currently getting round to reviewing the Perfect Refining.

My current HG foundation is the Shiseido Dual Balancing, and I was interested to see how the Perfect Refining compared. My Shiseido shade is O20, so I00 is marginally lighter and pinker than I would prefer, however since I apply it quite sheerly it's not too noticeable.


This foundation was a very runny gel-liquid, similar to Lancome Teint Miracle. It's one of those foundations where a little goes a looooong way, and if you pour out too much you're going to find yourself blending and blending and blending away!

 This evened out my skin and covered up acne marks somewhat, but obviously it's not a full coverage foundation. Feels very light on the skin, and initially dried into a slightly powdery semi-matte finish. I do notice that this did really emphasize any dry/ flaky bits I had on my face though.

Unfortunately, on my person this tended to shift about, similar to the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation. Throughout day I noticed the foundation tended to migrate into my pores and the lines around my nose. The oil control was not as good as the Dual Balancing foundation and I needed to blot a little bit more than usual. However I would say it's not as "dewy/ shiny" on me as the Shiseido Hydro Compact or the Lifting foundations.

 Here's a photo showing the results of the foundation. On the left column I applied the Perfect Refining foundation, on the right column I applied the Dual Balancing foundation on the other half of my face. You can see from the evening photo with flash that the Perfect Refining foundation is a little bit shinier, and too dewy/ shiny for my taste!

Left: Refining Foundation, Right: Dual Balancing
Would I buy a full sized bottle of this? No. It is pretty expensive, and I didn't really get on with it. However that doesn't mean it wouldn't work for someone else. If you're after a light-medium coverage foundation that feels light on the skin and is easy to blend, this would be a pricey option to try! Overall I find the O shades in Shiseido foundations are a really good match for AZN skintones, especially if western foundations are too orange/ salmon/ beige for you.

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