Koji Dollywink Eyelash Glue (Black)

9:00 am

If you've read my long review on the Koji Dollywink Otona Collection, you'd recall me crowing about how much I like the Dollywink lash glue. So I bought the black one in the hopes that it would be even more awesome!


is similar to that of a liquid eyeliner, with a really fine brush. I found it very difficult to get enough glue out, and the brush is so fine it doesn't hold a lot of glue. As a result it was very hard to get a satisfactory amount of glue onto the lash band, which made the lashes more prone to lifting in the middle of the day!


is a very dark black ink. It looks almost like liquid eyeliner. Unlike the Duo Dark Lash Glue (which comes out grey and dries black), this is very black from the get go. Unlike Duo glue, this doesn't have that funky latex smell, which is a plus.


is disappointing. The thing I loved most about the original Dollywink glue is that it comes off in one rubbery string, making it very easy to clean the falsies when I'm done without damaging them. The black version however suffers from the same issue that made me dislike the Duo Dark glue, instead of peeling off in a clean string, this tended to smudge and mush around (see in image below), which makes cleaning difficult. My lashes ended up with small bits of black glue trapped between the fibers.

REPURCHASE? No. The packaging/brush made it difficult to apply, and the formula is difficult to clean and ended up clogging my falsies. Also, due to not being able to get enough glue onto the lash band, I find that my falsies tended to lift up in the middle of the day.
RECOMMEND? No. If you're looking for a good, sticky glue that is easy to clean, I recommend sticking with the original clear Dollywink formula (especially the free small tubes that come with the lashes!)

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