Nivea Sun Invisible Protection Spray SPF50

9:00 am

I've never tried a liquid, spray on sunscreen before, and I thought this might be a quick and enjoyable way to get my SPF on. So how does it live up to it's 100% Invisible, Non Greasy claims?


is a bottle with a spray top. The bottle I have has quite a sturdy pump, so I need to press quite hard to get it to spray, which is really annoying as the bottle got all oily after awhile, making it very slippery and difficult to spray. Also, as with all runny liquid + spray bottles, you have to hold it upright to get the fluid up the pipe. Initially I thought the spray nozzle was a good idea to get the SPF on without all that rubbing and rubbing, but I changed my mind quickly when I realised how "non greasy" it was...


is a runny liquid that looks almost like water, smells faintly sunscreen-ish. Spoiler alert: This isn't as "non greasy" as it claims to be. It's got that non-greasy greasy feeling (similar to the La Roche Posay Anthelios sunscreen), that ironically feels more oily than a bog standard sunscreen. Of course if you compare it to the thick white sun-goop of the 80's, this feels "non greasy". However I find most drugstore sunscreens these days feel like regular face lotion, so this wasn't that impressive.


is so-so. I can say it's definitely invisible, and probably did an ok job on the sun-protection front. However it is so annoying and fidgety to apply that I don't like using it at all. It has a slight cooling alcohol feeling that made me hesitant to apply it on my face. The fact that it feels oily meant I couldn't spray it directly on my person! I tried that once, and the floor/walls of my bathroom ended up with a greasy coating! When I sprayed it into my palm (it still went everywhere), the runny texture meant that it leaked through the cracks of my fingers before I can apply it (also, defeating the point of the spray bottle).

REPURCHASE? No. I would rather use a regular sun lotion, and in my experience most sunscreens these days feel like lightweight face/body lotions anyway, and are significantly less messy/ more enjoyable to apply!

RECOMMEND? Not particularly. I can only see this being useful in a scenario where you have hyperactive children/ grouchy male half who are too fidgety to stay still long enough for you to rub in lotion on them.

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