Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool

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Last September on my first trip ever to the USA, I went a little bit insane and bought a few things the lovely US bloggers I follow rave about that aren't available in the UK. One of them being this eyeliner that Frmheadtotoe was talking about, which I had high hopes for!

My eyelashes, whilst pretty plentiful and long for a Chinese girl, grows in a pattern where it's spread out along a thick "line", meaning there's lashes growing side by side, as well as spread on top and below. As a result, whenever I line my lashline you can always see the gaps between my lashes showing through. Pencils tightlining at the roots tend to smudge off on my lower lash line, and liquid liners don't seem to stick very well (and are quite a hassle to wiggle through all the gaps!)


This comes in a standard pen style liquid eyeliner packaging, is pretty much the same size/width of my Koji Dollywink Liquid Liner. The brush is 3 felt-tip prongs that can deliver dots, thick lines or thin lines. As with all felt tip liquid liners, I felt that this doesn't deliver the super sharp fine point that you can get from a brush type liner like the Koji Dollywink/ Heroine Makeup liquid liners.


Was disappointing for me. Application wise this was a dream, dot-dot-dot and I got all the gaps at the roots of my lashes instantly filled. This was quite decent at delivering a nice black line above my lashes too. Unfortunately where it really failed was at staying on! This smudged all over the bottom of my eyes, giving me the tragic clubbing-panda look. I don't know whether my fleshy hooded lids + application at the roots of my lashes was the cause of it smudging on my lower eyeline, but fact is fact. This smudged. Quick rub test on my hand to compare the Koji Dollywink and the Too Faced, a little bit of rubbing smeared the Too Faced, and it took some rough wrinkle-inducing scrubbing to smudge my trusty Koji Dollywink.

RECOMMEND? Maybe. If you don't have fleshy hooded lids that rub against each other every time you laugh/smile, this might work better for you.

  REPURCHASE? No. I returned it and got my money back. God bless amazing American customer satisfaction return policies!

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