REVIEW: Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara Film Type

10:22 pm

Picked up this in the Film Type and Waterproof Type out of curiosity, as I couldn't quite tell what the difference was. This was some kind of temporary insanity, as I rarely EVER buy multiple mascara's in a row, that and buying in foreign currency always feels less expensive than it actually is.


is a solid, weighty feeling silver tube with pastel pink design all over. If you are bored of Western high end packaging that always involves gold and black/ navy, Japanese packaging does lean more girly.


is of the traditional bristly type, but arranged into 3 circular balls that form an arch (see the illustration on the packaging). Unfortunately I forgot to photograph this before I chucked the mascara. D'oh! Does a good job of building length and volume, but the ball-bristly design of this tends to clump my lashes together in triangular, dolly-eye clumps. Not unappealing, but if you like super defined/separated lashes, this brush is not for you.


was a disappointment to me. It doesn't smudge, does lengthen and add some volume, but this dropped the curl like all other tubing mascara's I've tried. No matter how much I curl and curl and curl before, and after I apply mascara, this just drops the curl. In the AFTER photo below, I had to tilt my head backwards for the lashes to even show on camera! Otherwise they just point straight/downward. Removal is a pain too! It behaved like a tubing mascara, so I thought maybe that's how I should remove it too (warm water + gently rubbing your lashes). Warm water didn't work, cold water didn't work, eye-makeup remover didn't work, and finally I needed 2 rounds of cleansing oil to properly get this off!

REPURCHASE? No. This cost as much as a high-end mascara, dropped the curl like a tubing mascara (with none of the benefits of easy removal) and was difficult to remove. I fail to see the benefit. I couldn't even finish this because it irritated me that much!

RECOMMEND? No. If you have naturally curly lashes, this might be worth a go... but personally I think at £18-21 a pop, it would be wiser to gamble your hard earned money on some other mascara.

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