REVIEW: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus

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At last, a long overdue review of my HG mascara, the Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus (what a mouthful!).

I have long ago given up on Western brand mascaras mainly because non of them (despite being smudgeproof, waterproof, budgeproof) have survived my fleshy hooded eyelids. Every mascara from L'oreal to Maxfactor to Estee Lauder has turned into emo-gothy-drunken-smudge party.... which unfortunately isn't a hot look on me. The only mascaras that didn't smudge as much were tubing mascaras that provided droopy, super natural blah results.


is super pretty and cute, quite girly without being all pink and princessy. If I were to describe the vibe, I'd say the packaging reminds me of the Elegant Gothic Lolita style. On this front, Japanese products have never failed to impress me with how cute and pretty their packaging is. Western brands, why you no put in the effort?


is a small plastic comb-style wand. One side of the comb is shallow ridges with is supposed to be the first side you use to apply the mascara. The other side is a fine toothed comb that is the second step to comb the product through your lashes and help define/ separate lashes. To be honest, after a couple of uses, I've just skipped the first half and use only the combed half to directly brush product through lashes.


is a liquid, wet type mascara with lash extension fibres. In comparison to Clinique Lash Power and Lancome Hypnose Drama, I would say the Majolica is more like the glossy liquid lacquer of Clinique Lash Power (with added fibres) as opposed to the drier "cream" texture of the Lancome Hypnose Drama.


is really, really good. The 3 things that make this a winner for me is that:
  • Is smudge, budge and waterproof. I can take a shower with this and my eyelashes come out intact with no mascara rivers. Sometimes on long days it can smudge a little bit (due to my fleshy under eye always rubbing against my lashes) but it's the least smudging I've ever experienced.
  • Viagra for my lashes. This keeps my curled lashes pointing up, up and up. This has never dropped a curl.
  • Length and volume. Depending on how heavy handed I am, I can get a really natural clean look or a dramatic lengthy look with decent volume. I like how I can build up volume and length with this without weighing down the curled lash, or clumping into tarantula legs.
Most mascaras I've tried usually have one, or two of the values above, but never/ rarely the winning combination of all three. The slight downside to this is that yes, it is a pain in the patootie to remove.You definitely can't get it off with water type eye makeup removers, or cream/ milk removers. The most effective removal method is to use a water + oil type remover (like Lancome Bi-Facil) or with a facial oil cleanser. You might need round 2 with both just to get all of it off. Also you need to be very careful not to smudge/ blink any formula until it dries, otherwise you might have a stubborn stain to remove, more so with this mascara as it's more hardcore than most.

REPURCHASE? Yes. Until the day I can find a cheaper or easier to remove option that gives me all 3 qualities mentioned above, I will keep buying this and praying Shiseido never discontinues this product.

RECOMMEND? Maybe. This mascara is not for everyone. I know one of the biggest complaints people have is that it is difficult to remove. However if you've struggled with finding a curl holding, water/budge proof mascara that gives decent length and volume, definitely give this a go.

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