REVIEW: Shiseido Advanced Hydro Liquid Compact SPF10

9:14 pm

Price: £34

I got a sample of this in O00, which is one shade lighter than my actual skintone. Sadly the counter didn't have shade O20, so one has to make do with what is there... FOR RESEARCH!

TEXTURE is very unusual! It looks like your average cream foundation, but when you scoop it up it feels more like a light spreadable gel! My experience with cream foundations is that they often feel thick and cakey, harder to spread than liquid foundation.

PERFORMANCE is good. This spreads like liquid foundation, blends very easily. Dries down to a semi-dewy finish, and despite the cream formula,  feels extremely light and invisible on the skin. Coverage is pretty good as well. I was actually really happy with how this looked on my skin, which has some visible pores around the T zone/ cheeks. My only issue with this is that it gets a bit too glowy/ shiny for my liking on my normal-combo skin, even with me powdering with an oil-control powder in the morning. With this I actually have to blot twice in the day.

Above: Freshly applied in the morning. Excuse my crazy zits, as this was taken months ago when I was still having food-allergy cystic acne.

Above: After a long day at work, and blotted in the late afternoon.

PURCHASE? Maybe. I really really liked this, but unfortunately it's a bit too moisturising for my skin. Perhaps if my skin ever changes, or when I get older and my skin gets drier, I would purchase this.

RECOMMEND? Yes. I would recommend this for normal or dry skin types, as it is a lovely foundation with a light texture and very decent coverage. For those of you with oily combination or oily skin, be prepared to blot!

Starting this week, I'm going to try updating every Monday and Wednesday... until I run out of stuff to talk about! :P

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