REVIEW: Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm

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Last winter I got a weird case of some crazy eczema on my lips from the cold and dry weather, and as a result I spent a few weeks with crazy dry and chapped lips that felt like scaly leather no matter how much water I drank or how much lip balm I slathered on. I would go to bed with olive oil/lip balm all over my dry mouth, but I would wake up with cracked and dry lips. It was so bad that I think the oil/ regular lipbalm just couldn't keep up! Lovely Gemma from LondonBeautyReview recommended this to me when I was asking her about heavy duty lipbalms, for which I must thank her for!


comes in an annoying pot. Minus points for hygienic factor, but considering I only use this at night before bed (after having showered and washed hands etc), the ew factor is slightly minimised.


is a thick, dry-waxy paste. There is a slight honey-citrusy scent, but that disappears quickly and the balm itself isn't flavoured. The texture of the balm in the pot itself kind of reminds me of cold peanut butter. It's not rock solid, but you definitely have to press if you want a giant glob of product. Reduces the chance of over-applying I guess.


is both good and bad.

 The bad first: the dry-waxy paste feeling takes some getting used to, and it does feel heavy on the lips when I first apply it. That heavy coated feeling does remain for quite awhile (more so because I use it very generously). I personally prefer slippy, light balms.

 The good: this really really worked at helping my poor, eczema-dried lips. It didn't cure it overnight, but I did wake up with slightly less dry and painful lips each morning. The thick paste texture does mean that whenever I slather this on my lips at night, I wake up with soft moisturised lips and sometimes can still feel a bit of the lip balm on. This is definitely the hardest hardcore lip balm I have ever used. I've gotten used to the sensation now, so even though my lips are back to normal I still use this every night.

REPURCHASE? Yes. I personally don't like the thick texture, but I'm classing this in one of those "is unpleasant but good for you" categories. I'll finish up my pot and hope that I don't get that weird eczema patch again. If I do, at least I know what to put on it!

RECOMMEND? Maybe. If you're after shiny, glossy, slippy lips, this balm is not for you. If you have dry, chapped, painful cracking lips and no other balm seems to make a dent, give this a go. This baby stays all night. Update: It's May 2013 now, and my original pot is still going strong even though I've used it liberally almost every night, and I love it as a night time lip treatment! It has definitely helped me stave off the scaly eczema patch this winter.

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