REVIEW: Naruko Narcissus BB Sunscreen SPF50

7:21 pm

I got a little sample tube of this with one of my purchases. The full sized one looks very similar, except it's a flat, larger, oval squeezy tube.


is an eminently practical squeezy tube with a pointy tipped nozzle. No chance of accidentally pouring/ oversqueezing out with this, unless you possess brutish Hulk-strength hands.


is a light, watery beige gel that applies and blends easily, and sinks in immediately. Has that herb-like, lavender/essential oil scent characteristic of all Naruko products. Not overpowering, but may be a bone of contention for those of you with sensitive noses.


is really good in terms of texture and application! I can honestly say this is the lightest, mattest, non-creamy-greasy sun protection I have ever come across. Post application, my face still feels like bare skin. Coverage is very minimal, so I tend to use this purely as a sunscreen under foundation or another heavier coverage BB Cream. This doesn't cause me to get shiny faster, doesn't feel heavy, sticky or greasy, leaves no white cast.

 As with all cosmetic products, especially sun protection, it's all a gamble. I feel as a regular consumer, I have to take all these claims of this or that's efficacy at face value as I have no way of finding out myself if these ingredients work. The Avobenzone 2.5% + Octinoxate 1.2% with only 1% Benzophenone as a stabiliser does make me worry about how stable the formula is, but I'm not a chemist so I can't say. Suffice to say, I apply this very generously and take the SPF 50 with a pinch of salt, and so far I have not noticed any sunburn, tanning, or any new sun-spots/ freckles. Any readers with more knowledge of chemical sunscreens and ingredients want to chime in with your two cents, feel free to add comments!

 REPURCHASE? Yes. I really like the application and use of this, a total joy to use. The price point is also very reasonable. As to how stable the sunscreen is, I think personally it is safe enough for my use, as I live in cloudy London, and my exposure to sun is very minimal. It also helps that my foundation / BB cream / moisturiser has SPF15 as a backup.

RECOMMEND? Maybe. If you're the type of person who hates sunblock/ sunscreen, and never wear any, this might be a good inclusion. After all, some is better than none right? If you're willing to take the sun-protection efficacy claims at face value, by all means go for it. It is really nice to use. I would definitely recommend if you do use this, use it for "regular" daily use when you're hopping from public transport to hiding in the office all day, not for full on hardcore sunbathing or if you live in Australia! I can't vouch for whether the sunscreen is up to battling extreme UV conditions.

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