OVERVIEW: Shiseido Foundations

9:05 pm

I was really excited to discover a full Shiseido counter in the House of Fraser in Westfield Shopping center. My HG foundation up till now has been the Shiseido Dual Balancing foundation, however I was still a little bit unsatisfied with the I20 shade, which was still a tad too salmon on my skin. 

Armed with several empty travel containers, I got some samples of all the liquid foundations that I thought would suit to try out over the course of a few weeks. As far as I can see, Shiseido foundations come in 3 colour categories:
  • O (Ochre) = warmest shades, suited for yellow undertone skin.
  • I (Ivory?) = neutral shades, suited for those who are in between cool/warm.
  • B (Beige?) = cool shades, suited for those with pink/ cool undertones.

I got myself the following:
  • Hydro Liquid Compact - O00
  • Dual Balancing Foundation - O20
  • Perfect Refining Foundation - I00 & O40
  • Lifting Foundation - O20
I've tested them out vigorously over the course of a few weeks, and worn at least 2-3 times. I'm very pleased to find that the O20 shade is a perfect match for me, the best foundation match I've ever had so far. Most foundations from Western companies are always too pink and ashy, or too orange/ salmon. For those of you thinking of ordering online, I think it would be safe to say that:
  • Shades 00 is more suited to MAC NC/NW15 or lighter
  • Shades 20 is more suited to MAC NC/NW15-20 (maybe even to NC/NW25)
I was very impressed with all of the foundations I tried. Even if some of them weren't quite the right type for my skin, they were still actually pretty nice to use. Very impressed with the O shades especially, for finally having a foundation that was the right balance of yellow and beige! Keep your eyes open for more in depth reviews, coming soon!

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