REVIEW: Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Acne Clay Cleanser

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Brand: Naruko
Item: Tea Tree Oil Out Acne Clay Cleanser
Price: £9.29 (via

Awhile back, I discovered some really informative posts on acne written by blogger John Su for Temptalia. Despite me not having a scientific background, his explanations based on him reading up about skin and the chemicals we put on it made more sense than the conflicting mumbo jumbo imparted by mum, beauty articles, this or that brand that are being backed by this or that "doctor". Anyway, even if you don't have acne skin, I do recommend you checking out his articles for more insight on why your skin behaves the way it does. (Temptalia link, John's blog)

Long story short, I emailed him with pictures of the ingredient list for a whole bunch of Naruko products, and he was kind enough to give his mini-review of them (based on ingredient list, assuming products are listed in order of highest to lowest concentration). This is what John had to say about the Tea Tree Clay Cleanser:
The ingredients present in a cleanser don't really matter since it's on contact with your skin for such a short period of time. However, I'm not too happy about the inclusion of kaolin, which of course is a form of clay. I find it too drying. However, if it works fine for you, that should be fine
My requirements for cleanser aren't as stringent, because as John says, it doesn't stay on long enough to really affect the skin. All I want from my cleanser is to clean my face adequately, not strip my skin/ be too harsh and drying, and to not smell/feel gross! So does this tick all the boxes?

TEXTURE is a beige clay, with tiny tiny tiny beads scattered very sparsely throughout. Smells strongly of tea-tree and  minty freshness. Non-drippy, non-runny. Does not lather (if it does, only a little bit), tends to dissolve into a cleansing milk instead when added with water.

PERFORMANCE is good.  For something that has Kaolin or an "anti acne" label, this is surprisingly non drying. My experience with most other anti-blemish/ anti-oilies/ anti-pimple products tend to be super drying and quite harsh. This cleaned my skin enough but didn't leave it feeling squeaky. I was using this both day and night with my Clarisonic, and it didn't dry me out at all.

The minty sensation is mild, you do feel the cooling sensation but it's not as bad as putting toothpaste on your face. Still, please don't get this in your eye! I've done that once or twice and things have gotten a bit... FRESH. The tea-tree smell took a bit of getting used to, but after awhile it's quite refreshing and I came to associate it with my face being fresh and clean.

I can't attest to the makeup removal properties of this, as I always take makeup off prior with an oil cleanser.

REPURCHASE? Yes. This was a perfectly pleasant cleanser that gets the job done and cleanses the skin without drying it out. I definitely would pick this up again in the future (when I have more space in the bathroom!). I don't have properly acne skin, but I enjoyed using this nonetheless.

RECOMMEND? Yes. I think this is definitely worth a go. At almost £10 it's a bit more expensive than drugstore anti-blemish face washes, but I think this is nicer and milder alternative.

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