REVIEW: Kose Sekkisei Range

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Japanese skincare items can sometimes be pretty confusing with their labelling. Lotion often refers to toner (when we'd normally associate them with runnier moisturisers suitable for oily skintypes) and in this case emulsion isn't a serum, but rather a moisturiser! I've reviewed the items in the order that you're supposed to use them.

1. Sekkisei White Liquid Wash (foaming face wash)

This is a runny, milky liquid that foams up for a nice lathery wash. Mildly scented with a similar herby-floral perfume that is consistent through all the products I got from this range. Cleans the skin perfectly well, but is a bit drying.

2. Sekkisei Lotion (toner)

This has a pretty hefty cult status back home and amongst the AZN beauty circles, and I've often heard that this is one of the MUST HAVE items if you're into the whitening-pale-glowing-skin trend. It's a watery toner with the same herby-floral scent, and a very strong alcohol undertone. This is pretty apparent in the slight cooling sensation as you apply it with a cotton pad. The sales assistant also told me you can pour the lotion into the cap, pop one of those compressed paper mask pills into it to absorb. Unfold and voila! You have an instant DIY whitening mask. Bewarned: I feel that thanks to the strong alcohol smell/ feeling, this is possibly too drying on dry/ extremely oily skin as the alcohol may irritate your skin. Be prepared to follow up immediately with a good moisturiser!

3. Sekkisei Emulsion (lotion type moisturiser)

A light-weight, milky lotion type moisturiser. The texture reminds me more of the serums you get with most western brands (see: Lancome Visionnaire, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, L'oreal Youth Code etc). While this was a pleasure to apply, as a moisturiser I didn't feel that it was up to keeping my skin hydrated all day in dry office air. The areas around my nose and mouth some times felt a bit tight. I think that ladies living in hot humid climates will love this though, especially if your skin is oily, as this is very light and refreshing. Doesn't feel heavy or oily at all.

4. Sekkisei Eye Cream

An emollient eye cream, this felt quite moisturising. Nice to use, kept my eye area well hydrated!


As a brightening regime, I think this worked pretty well. My skin did look a little bit brighter than usual, and came much closer to matching the skin tone of my wrists. I'm naturally quite fair anyway, and these products do combine to help restore my skin tone somewhat to its natural fairness.

As a moisturising range, I did find it to be somewhat under-powered. The face wash and lotion toner does leave the skin feeling a bit tight, and the lotion toner does smell and feel strongly of alcohol (which strips your skin). The emulsion moisturiser, whilst pleasantly light weight and non sticky, is a bit too lightweight for keeping my normal-combination skin moisturised throughout the day in dry air-conditioning. The eye cream was perfectly fine, but that's about it.

Would I repurchase? Probably not, due to it being unavailable in the UK, and it's lacklustre performance on the moisturising front didn't impress me. 

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