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Truth be told when we were in the process of planning our wedding, I did entertain the thought of doing my own bridal makeup, all I needed was someone to do my hair. After all, I wear makeup on daily basis, a wedding look just needs more drama. Easy Peasy right? Not to mention that it saves a nice chunk of money!

Till this day I have no idea what gave me that false sense of bravado. I can only thank my husband who told me to just get a professional to do it! It was via the lovely Helen of Beautyscribbler that I first discovered Sam Sham, who Helen found when looking for an expert in Chinese/ AZN bridal makeup. Not only did Sam have an impressive portfolio, I was greatly encouraged by reading of Helen's experience with her! She sounded exactly like what I was looking for.

I had a trial session with her prior where she did a few looks and hairstyles on me, consulted with me regarding my gown, the setting of the wedding, the hair accessories, false eyelash styles etc. Throughout she was very frank with me when she thought some of my choices might not work with my face, and she was very professional and friendly.

On the wedding day itself, I was getting some crazy, never-before cystic acne popping up all over my face (which retrospectively I am pretty sure now was caused by my gluten intolerance and stress). Sam showed up, went briskly to work turning my sows ear into a silk purse. My hands were shaking. Imagine trying to put on mascara/ eyeliner with that!

 At the end of it all, it was exactly what I wanted and more. I felt like a total princess, super glamorous yet still looking like me. My make up photographed beautifully, and it lasted all night. I can safely say I have never looked this good... and I doubt I ever will again! **believe me I've tried and tried, but I can never quite replicate the awesome she did on my face that day!

Check out Sam Sham's work here: She does make up & hair, and she will make you look like a PRINCESS on your special day! Highly recommended. (I recommended her to do my Arab sister-in-law's wedding makeup, and she loved her results too!)

What to do when choosing a bridal makeup artist

(based on my own experience and observing my sister-in-law's experience):
  • Do your research. Ask friends and contacts for recommendations. Look up other people's recommendations on the Internet. Check out portfolios or ask for sample images of MA's previous work before committing to any one artist.
  • Good things no come cheap, cheap things no come good. While this is not always true, it usually is a pretty good guideline. Pick a good makeup artist, pay what you can afford. I'm not advocating blowing thousands on some "designer" makeup artist, but neither should you just pick someone because they were the cheapest so you can save a few pounds here and there. Remember you are paying for the convenience of a professional taking some of the stress off your hands to make you look like a million dollars on your big day! You are paying for someone who will make you look amazing in all you wedding photos (which will haunt you forever if you're not happy with your look).
  • Variety and experience. (especially if you're an ethnic monority living in the West) Try looking for a makeup artist who has good examples of working with your ethnic type, or at least a broad range of experience working with people from lots of different races. Sometimes a lot of mainstream techniques and looks popularised in Western media don't quite work with East Asian (or other ethnic minority) faces, and a good make up artist will have had the experience to know what techniques to use to show your features to maximum advantage. Just like you wouldn't expect a French chef to suddenly be able to make amazing Indian/ Japanese food, your local makeup artist who is only used to doing English girls in town may not yield as good a result as someone who has had more experience with varied clientele.
  • Expect professionalism and a high level of expertise. Your makeup artist/ stylist should always behave professionally, and give you results that you are extremely happy with. If they make you feel uncomfortable with their conduct, or if their work doesn't wow you, speak up and get them to give you something that blows your socks off. If things still don't work out, look for an alternative makeup artist. Your wedding day is that one big day that will never happen again (touch wood), and you the bride deserve to look as amazing as you can. 
  • References. While it is not a "must have", it does help to have magazine clippings/ photos/ drawings of makeup looks and hairstyles you like. It is easier to give someone a visual idea than risk misunderstanding with vague verbal descriptions. Also, it does help to have a photo of your wedding dress to show, as well as an idea of what your wedding setting will be like (grand hotel? informal beach? Summer garden?)
  • Practice and honesty. You need to be honest with your MA if something he/she has used/done makes you feel uncomfortable and work out an alternative. This is where having reference images may be helpful in letting the MA get a feel of what you like. Likewise, if you are usually a no-makeup girl, don't suddenly insist on a full on glam beauty-queen look. You might end up feeling super self conscious with all the makeup you're not used to on your wedding day. If you're dead keen on a glamorous, makeup intense look on your wedding day, practice wearing more makeup/ false lashes on a day to day basis to get used to the feeling of makeup and falsies on your face!
That was a super wordy post, but every girl I know wants to look amazing on her wedding day, so I hope you found this useful!

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