Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Triple Functions (Orange)

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Awhile back I did a review on my favourite BB Cream, the Skin79 Triple Functions (Hot Pink). So when I heard that Skin79 was releasing a new and improved version with more oil control, more coverage and more SPF, I ran out and got me one of these!


is exactly like the Hot Pink. Hygienic, air tight pump. It is pretty big and bulky compared to your average foundation bottle.


A thick creamy liquid, more like a regular liquid foundation compared to the firmer gel texture of the Hot Pink. Colour right out the tube also looks more foundation like, a promising yellow/ochre beige as opposed to the grey-beige you get with the Hot Pink and most other Asian BB Creams. When compared side by side with MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15, both are similar, except MAC is more saturated ochre whereas the Skin79 is a more desaturated beige. Despite the creamier/ runny nature, this does go a lot further than an equal amount of the Hot Pink. So a little bit does go a long way!


was both good and bad (for me personally). First off, the coverage I would say is akin to heavy/ full coverage, whereas the Hot Pink is more light to medium. For you girls who love your BB creams but wished for more foundation-like coverage, this would be right up your alley. It is mildly thicker/ heavier feeling than the second-skin-no-makeup sensation of the Hot Pink, but definitely lighter than medium-full coverage foundations I've used in the past. Oil control was very good, too good in fact. I have learned to wear this without any mattifying/ setting powder, and on it's own it looks good. At the end of the day I look mildly dewy rather than shiny. However the oil control properties are so good that it dries out my normal-combination skin, and can end up looking dry/ cakey in spots.

Colour wise, this was a let down. While it looked promisingly skin-like and fresh beige out the bottle, on application it turns quite neutral-toned with a strong white cast. I can't see this working on anyone darker than NC/NW 25, even NC25 would need some bronzer to warm it up. It also shows a very strong white cast when faced with flash photography. In this aspect, it reminds me of the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream (reviewed here).

Left: Hot Pink, Right: Orange. BB cream only. For reference I'm MAC NC15-20

With Flash

Click on image for larger version of the ingredients list!

Repurchase? No. Unfortunately this is a bit too drying and pale for my skin type and tone.

Recommend? Yes. Especially if you wanted a fuller coverage BB Cream, and have proper oily skin that needs more oil control properties. Bewarned that you shouldn't wear this on days when you're going to special events or parties where flash photography will be happening, or you'll end up with ghost face!

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