Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

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When doing my own makeup for my second wedding dinner abroad, I ran out to get this because I distinctly recalled the makeup artist using this for my official wedding day makeup, for which I looked amazing.  According to Laura Mercier, this is a brightening powder to set your under eye concealer. You could use your regular face powder to set makeup all over, but this supposedly helps conceal under eye darkness with it's brightening properties.


A wide shallow jar with a plastic sifter on top. I recommend you remove only part of the sticker when you first buy it (so that only a few holes are open) instead of taking it all off. Warning: The jar looks a lot bigger in the online shop photographs than in person, that's why I photographed it next to an eyelash curler for context.


Superfine and silky soft. It feels very similar to the ELF HD Silica Powder. No discernible scent. Despite being touted as a brightening powder, when swatched on my hand, it didn't show any shimmer or glitter at all.


In terms of everyday wear is nothing special if you have weird eye-bags like mine (see this post for more info on eyebag types). As a setting powder, it does the job, but I don't see why anyone would want to have 2 separate powders to complicate their morning routine. A little bit goes a long way, so despite the jar being really small, I can't see that I've made any dents in it despite using it Mon-Fri for 9 months now.

Where this powder really shines, is when there is flash photography, as you can see in the image left. So for special occasions like weddings, or when you're out partying with the girls and there's going to be lots of selfies going on, this really works. There's probably something in the ingredients that reflects and diffuses any light that hits it, making the area it covers look brighter. The same concept applies (I think) is if your under eye area is on a slightly tilted angle that catches natural sunlight (see scenario A and B here), and your dark circles are more a case of discolouration than an eye contour issue, then this would probably work better for you too.

REPURCHASE? No. Unfortunately this doesn't quite work (in terms of eye brightening) on my type of eye contour for everyday use, but I'll definitely be cracking it out when I'm doing my face for events where I know there's going to be lots of flash photography.

RECOMMEND? Yes. Especially if you're going to events where you'll get your photos taken! Also this would probably work better for you if you have eye contours as described above. I wouldn't describe this as a must have, more of a nice-to-have if you can afford the luxury.

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