Face Atelier Ultra foundation #4 Sand

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The FA Ultra Foundation is a silicone-based foundation, coming in a wide array if warm and cool shades, ranging from dark to light, with extra white/dark brown adjuster foundations you can buy to customise your own shade if the existing ones aren't light or dark enough for you.

I was first introduced to Face Atelier by Helen at Beautyscribbler when I was hunting for bridal foundation suitable for AZN skintones. I got the Pro version, which is the same as the regular one, except it comes in a smaller amount for slightly less money. I wish more companies would do this, having smaller versions of foundation for less money, as I rarely ever finish foundation! Enkore has done a useful video on how to clean and remove silicone-based makeup here.


is almost there, but not quite hitting the mark. The pump action bottle is commendable, as tubs or open mouth bottles (ala Clinique foundations) have a strong chance of over-pouring. However the slight miss on this pump bottle is the extremely short nozzle. Unless you hold your foundation bottle practically horizontally to pump out product, the very short nozzle means that the foundation will somehow still dribble down the neck, leaving a mess on your bottle and inside the cap. This is for the Pro sized bottle, not sure if it's the same with the regular ones.


is that really smooth silicone, almost oily/slippy, runny liquid (similar to Lancôme Teint Miracle). Is very easy to apply and blend. Feels very light on the skin, similar to most light coverage foundations.


is light to medium, in my opinion. I think you can build up the coverage with thin layers, but I have never successfully been able to build up more beyond medium. If you have bad dark circles/ eyebags and bad acne scars, you definitely still need concealer over this.


is quite unique, in my experience with foundations. This is one of the most natural/ non cakey foundations I have ever used, despite the fuller coverage. However, it's also a foundation that never really dries or sets. So in the middle of the day I could wipe my face and literally wipe off a patch of foundation. Oil control is nonexistent, in fact if you are oily skinned with pore issues, I would not recommend this.

Due to the non-drying nature, the slip of silicone and my natural face oils, I find that the foundation has a tendency to pool in my pores, making them look more pronounced. However, a quick smudge with fingers will redistribute the foundation, making it go back to its freshly applied state. The odd thing is that it does not crease in any of my under eye fine lines, which is good.

 The really good thing about this foundation is the colour choice and how it photographs so beautifully. This is possibly even more yellow based than my actual skintone, so I don't get that weird ashy or ruddy tint that I get with most beige or salmon based foundations. Despite it not controlling oil well, what looks borderline shiny in real life comes out a beautifully glowy and radiant in photos, with absolutely no white cast. The silicones also gives a slight airbrushy effect to your face in photos, making all flaws and lines look less apparent.

 A slight downside to this is that I noticed I tend to get bumps/ comedones after using it for a few days continuously, so I suspect there is an ingredient in there (perhaps the bismuth oxychloride?) that causes me to break out.

REPURCHASE? No. Despite it looking great in photos, the fact that it rubs off on everything, doesn't control oil well in real life, and possibly breaks me out makes this too much of a "high maintenance" foundation for me to repurchase for everyday use. I don't attend enough functions where I will be photographed to justify buying this as a "going out" foundation either. I did use this (in conjunction with Dior Airflash for covering scars) on my wedding day though, and the makeup artist worked wonders with it.

RECOMMEND? Maybe. This is definitely a great foundation for special events where you want your face to look good in photos. However if you're anywhere from combination to oily skin, I would not recommend this for daily use. Also, it is somewhat pricier than most department store foundations. #4 Sand would be a good match for MAC NC20-25.

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