Getting the MOST out of your products

8:00 am

What you need:
  • Squeeze tube of said finished product
  • Clean scissors / knife
  • Cling wrap/ clean acrylic pot or sample jar
  • Spatula/ clean cotton bud
Make sure to wipe your tube/ bottle clean of as much dust as possible. Then using your knife or scissors, carefully cut the bottle in half at the middle point. You'll find there is probably quite a lot of product left despite having squeezed and shaking the tube.

With the spatula or cotton bud, scoop out the remaining product and transfer it to a clean acrylic pot. Or if you are lazy and the remains are little, just use the remaining product straight from the tube and cling wrap it to prevent spillage/ too much oxidisation. ;P

Surprisingly, the remains of that little sample tube of BB cream in that photo lasted me for another good week. Good luck!

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