Eyebags & Dark Circles

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Disclaimer: The article below is based on my personal observation of the different people around me. I am neither a scientist nor some dermalogical expert with all the accurate scientific terminology. Any racial generalisation used below is for convenient example sake only.

As someone who has suffered from rather tragic (in my opinion) under-eye bags all of my vain life, I can say that I have consistently been disappointed by all cucumbers, tea bag cures, concealers, eye creams, light reflective concealer pens etc that have been recommended by everyone.

If you're like me and wonder why none of these amazing products seem to work on you, read on and hopefully you will find some answers that will help you learn to accept yourself / plan your next step. :)

It is possible to be a combination of 1 & 2, or A & B, or AB & 2. Categories A B C don't necessarily apply only to the racial category described above either, they are just there for quick generalisations!

Now if you are lucky enough to be type 1, A and / or B, rejoice because your issues can usually be solved with concealer and light reflective powders. In the case of type B, the under-eye fat band will look like what it is, just a plump under eye lid. Even if you have rather generous eye bags, as long as the surface they are on tilts to catch the light (see type A, yellow area), you're still good to go.

If you're type C, or worse, 2C, unfortunately this is where things get tricky. You can use the best concealer and best techniques, but those will only address the discolouration issue. Unless you can change the way the laws of nature work, or walk around with ambient uplighter lights shining away the dark cast-shadows from your eyebags, there is no amount of light-reflecting powder/highlighter that will "bring light" into your undereyes. There is no light to reflect if there is no light hitting it in the first place, geddit? (Pedantic note: yes I know light does bounce off your skin/ upper cheekbone area, which would technically help dispel some shadows from the downward facing eyebags, but never to an extent where it makes that much of a visual difference, ok?)

It can be quite annoying to read beauty articles / listen to well meaning aunties telling you how to banish eye bags, but if you're genetically born to have such a face contour, you are just born with it. No amount of creams, serums, de-puffing eyemasks, lymphatic massage or good nights sleep will make it go away. It may make things appear less severe if the rest of you is well looked after and sparkling, but it won't make the eyebags disappear.

When I was much younger, my eyebags used to depress the hell out of me. Till this day I still look tired/haggard if I don't use concealer. However, I think with some age and maturity, I have come to accept my face for what it is.

So long story short, if you think you have horrible eyebags (ala 2C) and it really is making you miserable, the only way you can get rid of it (in my opinion) is to get it fixed plastic surgery / fillers (which brings a whole host of other problems). However remember that often we women are our own biggest critics, and what we think are hideous flaws are in fact little niggles only we notice.

Instead of focusing on the Prada Bags under your eyes, perhaps adopting a more positive outlook might be in order. Rejoice that you have two eyes to admire yourself in the mirror every morning, that you have your health, and the money to spend on frivolous things like makeup and skincare. As cliche as it sounds, if you're not beautiful (aka happy and content) on the inside, you will never be beautiful on the outside because you are unable to appreciate all the good things about yourself!

ps: also, it doesn't hurt to invest in a good concealer!

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