Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream

4:45 pm


feels more like a traditional foundation, more runny and liquidy feeling (unlike the lightweight gel texture of Skin79 BB Creams). Even when applied with a light hand, it goes on quite thick and takes a bit of working to blend into your skin. Throughout the day it has the feel of a medium coverage foundation, you can definitely feel it sitting on your face. A little bit goes a long way.


fresh out of the sachet is marginally more saturated and foundation-like than the Skin79. However upon application it is similar to the Étude House Precious Mineral BB Cream and had a very strong white cast. This didn't oxidise much and at the end of the day I still look really pale from the BB Cream.


This was disappointing. Whilst it did provide more coverage than the Étude House and Skin79 products (more like medium coverage), I did notice it did emphasise all the dry, flaky bits from where I had been breaking out, and this bb cream has a tendency to migrate into my fine lines and pores, making my pores look super obvious and cakey. Oil control was ok, with a satin finish and not too dewy by the end of the work day. I had tried the Missha Perfect Cover (dark red tube) BB cream 3 years ago, and that did have similar qualities to this one. Strong white cast that doesn't oxidise much, and a tendency to migrate into fine lines.

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