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If you're any kind of a beauty fanatic, you might have heard some murmurings about BB creams by now. BB creams are a major trend coming over from Korea & Japan, a beauty product that is kind of like a mix between skincare, foundation and a tinted moisturiser.  The lovely Jen from has done a long post and video about BB Creams. As a quick primer, BB creams are meant to be a multipurpose base product. You can use it as a foundation primer, tinted moisturiser, or as a light to medium coverage base in place of foundation.

Also, despite the fact that it is touted to have skincare properties, you DO have to remove this at the end of the day like you would any other makeup product. The downside of BB creams is that being designed by AZN companies for an AZN market, most of them tend to be for AZN skin tone ranges. As a result, you'll find that most BB creams only cover that NC10-25 spectrum (very fair to fair). So for you deliciously tanned or dark-skinned, sorry, is unlikely you'll find a BB cream suitable for you. For further context, my hand matches a MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation NC15 pretty well.


All three are almost the same, more like a creamy gel rather than the usual foundation texture. They come as a slightly ashy-beige colour, which I feel looks more like my natural skin colour than the extremely saturated "peachy neon" colours foundations come in. All three are very easy to spread and blend, and once applied look like there's nothing on your skin. No particular fragrance that I can detect.


All three are somewhat similar, providing light to medium coverage. All three start out looking a little bit paler than my natural skin tone, but after about 15 minutes they oxidise and fit me perfectly. All looked good throughout the day, but I noticed at the end of the day, the Super Plus Triple Functions (hot pink) looked the best, the VIP Gold was second, and the Diamond collection was just ok. All three feel very light on the skin (I felt the Triple Function was the most "no makeup" feeling), and initially they look like there is no difference, but after about 15 min/ half an hour, they do this magical thing that evens out my skin tone without looking like I have any "foundation" on my face. My scars/ zits are still visible but they look oddly blurred/ diffused. Perhaps the ashy-ness of the BB cream, or the anti-inflammatory ingredients reduce the red/brown of scars? In terms of oil control, I feel the Triple Functions (Hot pink) is more suited for normal-combo-oily, and the VIP gold & Diamond Collection is more for dry to normal skin. With the Triple Function, I look dewy at the end of the day with no blotting, a little more so with the VIP Gold. REPURCHASE? Yes. I like the Triple Function (Hot pink) best, as it controls oil and shine the best out of the three. I like the VIP Gold too, but I would be more likely to use that during the drier months, as it tends to get dewy faster than the Triple Functions. I am indifferent towards the Diamond Collection. It wasn't bad, but the other two were the ones that stood out for me. Personally I find I much prefer the Triple Function BB cream to a foundation for everyday use. RECOMMEND? Yes, especially if you want to even out your complexion but HATE the heavy, something-on-your-face feeling of traditional foundations. (I personally think these are better than regular tinted moisturisers). However if you've got extreme acne or want FULL coverage (ala Estee Lauder Double Wear), you're better off skipping this or using it more as a primer. I would recommend getting miniature packs like the one I listed above to try them before committing to a full sized one.

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