Koji Dollywink Otona False Lashes (11 Pure Sweet)

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Item: Dolly Wink (Otona Collection) in #11 Pure Sweet
Price: ~£16.50 from Ichibankao (including shipping)

When I heard that Koji was releasing a new collection of Dolly Wink lashes, I had to check them out! Part of the Otona collection (Adult Collection), it's purportedly designed by super cute Tsubasa Masuwaka for a more natural adult look. Kind of like if you wanted to bring your super-gyaru princess cuteness into work, but don't want to freak your boss out with your crazy falsies... (Warning: Super Long-ass Picture Post below)
More info on the collection covered in EkiBlog here.

Now what's the big deal about Japanese lashes, some may ask. After all you can get super cheap goodies from Ardell, Boots, Eylure etc locally and for waaaay less. My beef with western lashes is that (also see drawing below for what I mean):
  • They all have horrible blunt ends on the  lash fibers. I don't know about you but to me that looks way ugly and unnatural. Japanese lashes (at least the ones I have come across) always have beautiful tapered ends on their fibers. 
  • Western lashes tend to come in very uniform full shapes (even the Ardell demi wispies), which looks unnatural and obviously fake on my AZN eyes. Every pair of western lashes I've tried (even the super "natural" ones) look full and overloaded on my small eyes. I end up feeling/looking like a snuffleupagus. Japanese lashes usually come in spiky, clumped patterns, or criss-cross spiky patterns, which does give the look of full lashes without overwhelming small eyes. 

* Mind you, I'm not saying all Western lashes are bad, or that all Japanese lashes are good. I just don't like how Western ones look as they obviously don't suit me!

Western lashes VS Japanese lashes

DESIGN of this particular pair is a uniform shape but divided into small spiky clumps. More of a natural, day-wear look.

PERFORMANCE is really great, like the original Dollywink ones. The thin transparent lash band means it's very light and comfortable. Even the lash fibers are superfine and light. I have to say Dollywinks are definitely the most comfortable lashes I've used, more than the Shu Uemura Soft Cross (hard band, felt very heavy for a "natural look" falsie). The thin lashband means it's more fragile though, but so far I think I get about 7-12 uses per pair, more if I take the time to clean and position them properly.

VALUE is more than reasonable I would say. I'd put this up there in terms of looks and quality with Shu Uemura lashes, and those cost you average £13-18 a pair, whereas this is £16.50 for 2 pairs. That's not that much a jump from the ones you get at Boots for £5-8  per pair.


A friend of mine got me the original Dolly Wink falsies in Dolly Sweet. I love them, with the super fine fibers and the very-comfortable transparent lashband. However they are a bit on the Over-the-top side, and I have to wear them with quite a smoky-gyaru eyemakeup or they'd look quite massive on my face. I save them as my "special occasion" lashes. (the photos below don't quite capture how LONG the old dollywink lashes are)

The two I got from the Otona collection look more natural, are definitly shorter and less dramatic than the old Dollywink. So yes, I'd say these are definitely more office appropriate. Behold the frankenstein photomontage comparing both!

Quick Review of the Dolly Wink lash glue 
A little tube comes free with each box you buy. It's definitely very rubbery compared to my DUO dark lash glue. If you peel it, it will always come off in one whole string. Which is good if you need to clean your falsies, bad if you need to touch up your falsie glue & are trying to peel off a dried blob that has come off at work, because the whole strand will come off!

Application needs to be thin and even, otherwise you end up with white blobs of glue that stays white for quite some time. I suspect that is the same with most "white" lash glues. This is easily solved by going over the dried lash glue with liquid liner, or just wait a bit until the glue dries transparent.

Whilst I didn't like this glue at first because of the aforementioned tendency to peel off in a whole string and the "whiteness", it's actually grown on me and I think I even like it a bit more than my trusty Duo Dark because it makes it so much easier to clean my falsies!

Repurchase? Yes. I don't wear them everyday, so I don't need to fret too much about getting the cheapest falsies I can buy. These are great for those days when you want to put a bit of vavavoom into your makeup!

Recommend? Yes. Gorgeous lashes, lightweight and comfy, not excessively expensive. Also a must if you're a Japanese makeup fan!

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